Gift Guide for New Moms – Top Best Gifts for the New Mama AND a Giveaway!

Not gonna lie, I’ve spent the past couple of weeks obsessing over making my baby registries. (That’s right, plural registries.) Man, it’s a lot of work deciding what products to register for your baby! I ended up registering at Amazon, Target, Babies R Us, and Spearmint to cover everything we will need. It was super overwhelming, but also a lot of fun to imagine what it will be like when our sweet daughter gets to use all the cool products!

Gift Guide for New Moms Giveaway

As I was searching, I discovered a lot of ideas that would be perfect for a new mama, and so decided to make a gift guide for new moms. My daughter may not be here yet, but all of these gift ideas that I’ve found are super useful and welcome for any new mom. So take a look at my top picks below and then stick around to the end of the post because I have a GIVEAWAY for a super awesome product called the Pocket Nanny – read about it in the guide below and then enter to win in a few simple steps at the bottom of the post. Trust me, you want this awesome gadget in your life!

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To get a closer look at the items below, click on a photo and it will bring you to the product listing!
*Note: The images above sometimes shift to different positions when you load the page and therefore may not line up with the descriptions in order below. In order to figure out what an item is, click on the picture and it will bring you to the product listing!*
  1. Stylish Breast Pump Storage Bag – If you’re a working mom, toting around your pumping gear can be cumbersome or embarassing. Keep all your pieces together in this discrete and stylish bag that you can even use to store breast milk in the breakroom fridge.
  2. Relaxing Spa Kit – Every new mama deserves a little pampering! This spa kit has it all to make mom feel like she’s being pampered at a day spa. Look for her favorite scent or gear it towards what she likes best, be it facials or bubble baths.
  3. Roomba – Ain’t nobody got time to clean with a newborn! Any new mama would love to have a Roomba around to pick up all the mess so she doesn’t have to worry about it.
  4. Personalized Child’s Initial Necklace – This is a super thoughtful gift so mom can rep the initial(s) of her sweet babes. There are all sorts of styles and finishes so you can find just the right one that will compliment any mama’s style.
  5. Cozy Bathrobe – This pairs extremely well with a spa kit to help the new mother feel pampered and cozy. And let’s be real, who wants to wear real clothes after giving birth? A fluffy bathrobe is a muuuchh better choice.
  6. Blessed Mama T-Shirt – All mamas are blessed – help your favorite new mom rep her new motherly status with this beautiful and soft t-shirt that she can dress up or down.
  7. Comfy Nursing Nightgown – Again, real clothes aren’t likely to happen for a while after giving birth, so a comfy nightgown that also works for nursing is a huge plus. I love the stripey pattern on this one!
  8. Baby’s 1st Year Memory Book – Not many new mamas have time to scrapbook or fill out lengthy baby books, so this simple memory book is the perfect solution. Record all of baby’s firsts in an easy, colorful, and adorable book that takes all the effort out of memory keeping.
  9. Mama Bear Travel Coffee Mug – Mama needs coffee. STAT. After being sleep deprived, most mamas turn to coffee as their saving grace to get through those long first days. An adorable mama bear mug will help fuel her and leave no doubt as to whose coffee it is. Plus a travel mug is much more convenient (and keeps coffee hot longer!) than a traditional mug.
  10. Amazon Echo – Make life easy for your new mom with Alexa – she can take grocery orders, play soothing music to help the babe get to sleep, and keep track of reminders, in addition to a million other functions. It’s like having a professional assistant around and mom will be sure to thank you!
  11. Gift Cards – Gift cards are always welcome, be it to an online store like Amazon so she can finish buying things off her baby registry, or for restaurants so she doesn’t have to cook, or for a massage or manicure so she can have some much needed me-time without footing the bill.
  12. Multi-Use Nursing Cover/Carseat Cover – These kinds of stretchy nursing covers are great – they can be worn like a cute scarf, used for discreet nursing, or stretched over your carseat or grocery cart to protect baby from unwanted touch and germs. Isn’t this floral pattern gorgeous?
  13. Key FOB Wristlet – Mom brain is a real thing. A wristlet for mama’s keys can help her keep track of them in an endless diaper bag cavern or remember to hang them up by the door instead of putting them in the fridge.
  14. Water Bottle – Nursing mamas need to stay hydrated! A big ol’ waterbottle will help make sure she’s getting enough H20 so she can nourish her little one. Consider getting more than one so mom can have one at her nursing station, one in the bedroom, and one to take on outings.
  15. Pocket Nanny Tracker – This is the perfect gift for any new mom. It keeps track of diaper changes, feedings, naptimes, and more so a tired mama doesn’t have to remember if she nursed on the left or right last time or when the last time baby had a dirty diaper was. It’s a lifesaver!
  16. Momosa Cocktail Glass – Now that cocktails are back on the menu, this adorable glass is perfect for celebrating a new mom at a Sip & See or a girl’s night. Too cute!
  17. Portable Changing Pad – When on the go, it’s important and helpful to have a clean surface to change baby on. This adorable one from Oh Joy! does the trick and looks adorable when carrying it as a clutch or putting it in a diaper bag.
  18. White Noise Machine – Help mom get more sleep by getting a quality white noise machine to soothe baby (or mom herself!) with ambient noise or nature sounds. A happy baby means a happy mama means a happy life!
  19. Stylish Teething Necklace – Babies chew on everything. Help mama look stylish while also providing a teething outlet for her sweet babe. You don’t have to sacrifice style once you become a mom! These come in loads of colors and styles.
  20. The Sh!t No One Tells You Book – No one ever really feels prepared to become a parent, but this funny book might fill you in on even more details that you might not have heard before! A fun favorite for new parents.
  21. Warm Fuzzy Slippers – Keep her toes warm and cozy as she shuffles around like a zombie between late night feedings. Look for slippers that have a good sole so she she doesn’t slip on the hardwoods and fuzzy insides to keep her comfy cozy.
  22. Scented Candle – You’d be surprised how comforting the light and scent of a candle can be when you’ve had a rough mom day. Pick a fun scent that matches the season or reminds you of her or opt for an aromatherapy candle that promotes calm and energy.
  23. #Momlife Coloring Book – Sometimes you just need to get your frustrations out and coloring is a proven way to do that. This cheeky #momlife coloring book is hilarious and a great outlet for when a new mom just needs a little bit of zen in her life.
  24. Sleep Eye Masks – Sleep when the baby sleeps… right? Right? That may mean trying to catch a nap in the middle of the day as baby snoozes – make things easier with adorable eye masks to block out the light.
  25. Ponytail Holders – Yeaaah, showers aren’t going to be happening as often in the newborn stage. Help mom still feel a little put-together by giving her some fancy ponytail holders so at least she can have a messy bun in style! Bring on the dry shampoo!
  26. Wine or Rose – After a hard day of momming, a glass of a favorite wine (or rose, anyone?) definitely won’t go amiss. Grab her a bottle, a cute glass, and a bottle opener, and she’ll be set for those tough days.
  27. Pretty Earrings – A little effort goes a long way towards making a new mom feel pretty. Find a gorgeous pair of earrings or a necklace that she can wear when she goes out to help her feel more normal and like herself.

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Gifts for New Moms Giveaway

Follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter below to be entered to win a Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer! This is the perfect gift for the new mom in your life (or perhaps you are that new mom 😉 ) – it really will save her (your) sanity! Winner gets to choose whether they want the blue, pink, or green version. The giveaway runs from today through December 6th at 12:00am EST. Only entrants from the US and Canada are eligible. See details for additional rules.

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Gift Guide for New Moms Giveaway

Best of luck in the giveaway! What would be on your gift guide for new moms?



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