It’s Kind of Fun to Do the Impossible Printable Art

For me, blogging has been an exercise in attempting (and kicking butt at) the impossible. I was so nervous to hit ‘publish’ on that first post! But after lots of hard work, trial and error, inspiration, panic, creativity, sweat, support, and triumph, I can say a whole year later that I’ve gotten more comfortable doing things that I previously thought were ‘impossible.’ I used to think that I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t creative enough, that no one would ever read this little blog of mine. But all of you reading this now have proven me wrong! With a lot of passion, and a lot of hard work, it really is possible to do the impossible.

So whether it’s working up the courage to try something new, meet new people, or start an endeavor or business that your heart has been dreaming about for years, once you put one foot forward, it becomes a whole lot easier to keep going! Taking the leap and starting this blog (and finding some success) has inspired me to try other things I thought were previously undoable in the rest of my life. I’ve worked harder at reaching out to friends, new and old, I’ve started attending barre3 classes regularly and loving it (says the girl who used to hate physical activity), and now I’m taking another step forward and launching my own Etsy shop in a couple weeks. It really is fun to defy the odds, whether those odds are a social construct, or just a barrier in your own mind. Believe in yourself and take the leap, and you, too, will find yourself achieving the impossible 🙂

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printable quote cactus print

printable quote cactus print





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