Get the Look for Less: Pottery Barn Outdoor Space

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Get the Look for Less post, and considering that spring is in the air, I thought it would be fun to recreate a beautiful outdoor entertaining space that I found in the Pottery Barn catalog. With the weather getting nicer and the sun shining more often (fingers crossed!) now is the perfect time to start getting your backyard barbeque and soiree ready. Nothing beats a lovely garden party with cocktails on a sunny spring afternoon!

pottery barn

affiliate linksPottery Barn is one of my favorite stores to drool over – the mix of rustic, elegance, and modernity is just the perfect balance. Their wood tones are rich and their colors complement so many palettes. And while my heart dearly loves Pottery Barn and all the magical goodness it has to offer, my poor bank account does not. My bank account says, “Ack! No! Too much $$!” To compromise, I’ve found some great pieces from other retailers that look just as good as the originals but for a fraction of the price. Happy wallet, happy homeowner. Let’s see where we are starting:

pottery barn

I found this lovely spread in their online catalog. I was instantly drawn towards bright greenery and the zinc-topped table and outdoor hutch in combination with that deliciously medium wood tone. I want my backyard to look like this! It kind of reminds me of some posh yard you’d find in Cali or somewhere to dine al fresco in Italy. I especially love the idea of having an outdoor bar station – perfect for mixing up mojitos for an after-dinner cool down! This scene just exudes classy while maintaining a laid-back feel. Can’t beat that combo! Here are my look-alike/copycat finds for the Pottery Barn pieces in the above spread. Enjoy!

Pottery Barn Table Look-alike

pottery barn

Considering the PB table is one of my favorite pieces of this whole setup, I knew I had to find an excellent replica. And as luck would have it, I did find one that is almost exactly the same over at! The zinc table top is super durable and easy enough to wipe down after a messy meal of barbeque ribs but also classy enough that you could have a romantic dinner by candlelight at it. The trestle beam legs add additional sturdiness and great visual design. And at a little less than half the price of the original, I’d call that a steal!

Pottery Barn Chair Look-alikes

pottery barn

Comfy chairs are an absolute must for any outdoor get-together, and these wicker cushioned chairs are an excellent choice. The protected wicker is easy to wipe down and keep clean, and the beautiful blue cushions add a pop of color and added comfort. However, at over $400 a pop, I would never spend that much on an individual chair. Target to the rescue! I found an almost exact replica of the PB chairs but at half the cost! ADDED BONUS: you get 2 chairs, count ’em, TWO, for a little over $200. Win, win, win.

Pottery Barn Island Hutch Buffet Look-alike

pottery barn

A super unique and fun piece that comes from the catalog spread is the Island Hutch Buffet. It’s the perfect center to set up your beverage dispensers, mix those fancy drinks, and set out plates of nibbles. But almost $2,000 for a single piece of furniture that will spend it’s life outside? No thank you. I found a comparable option at Walmart for just pennies in comparison. It features the same quick-clean zinc top as the original and has lots of shelves and hooks for hanging bar towels and even has drawers for storage. Bring on the margaritas!

Pottery Barn 3-Tiered Stand Look-alike

pottery barn

A fun part of any party is finding cool ways to present your snacks and treats! A 3-tiered stand can go a long way in showing off your favorite nibbles – start at the bottom with healthy choices like veggies and hummus, add some cheese and crackers or mini tea sandwiches in the middle and leave the top for a dessert like mini cupcakes or cookies. Now there’s a  balanced diet 😉 My find from Walmart is only 10 dollars less than the original, but when it comes to saving money, every little bit counts!

Pottery Barn Drink Tub Look-alike

pottery barn

It’s always a must to have some beverages to imbibe at any party – whether it’s beer, hard ciders, bottled juices, sodas, or even just water. A handy dandy galvanized metal tub is perfect for keeping drinks cold and within easy reach of party-goers. However, I will never in my life pay 60 bucks for a bucket. It’s just not going to happen. World Market steps up and offers a very similar tub for only $17! Now they’re speaking my language! PARTY TIP – add some salt to the ice – it increases the freezing rate and lowers the melting rate!

Pottery Barn Drink Dispenser Look-alike

pottery barn

And of course, it’s always a good idea to keep a refreshing drink dispenser with water on hand to sip between cocktails or to refresh after a long day. Try adding mixers to your water to up the flavor – cucumbers + mint, or lemon + raspberry are great combos! Unfortunately at Pottery Barn, you have to buy the glass dispenser and the metal base separate, and the total ends up being over 100 bucks. For a glorified water bottle. Nope. I was really pleased with my find at Wayfair – you get the dispenser, the base AND 4 drinking glasses all for under $50. Now that’s better 🙂

Now let’s crunch some numbers. If you were to buy every original Pottery Barn piece (including 4 chairs instead of 1) the total would be $5,161.00. And that’s before tax and shipping. If you bought all of my finds from other retailers, however, your grand total would be only $1,739.88 before tax and shipping! A whole new patio/outdoor entertaining space for less than 2k? Yes please. That’s a savings of over 65%! Boo. Yah.

Remember, you can always save even MORE by buying pieces slowly over time or by looking at thrift stores, garage and estate sales, or on Craigslist. Add pieces to your outdoor dining setup at a pace that is right for you and your budget. Happy entertaining! 🙂

What store or room do you want me to do a Look for Less for next? Sound off in the comments below!




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