Get the Look for Less: Crate & Barrel Living Room

It’s time for another Get the Look for Less post! If you love saving money but not skimping on designer style then this is the post (and series!) for you. I love challenging myself and seeing what pieces I can find that mimic high end pieces but cost a fraction of the price! This week I found a sophisticated and comfortable living room space at Crate and Barrel that I just knew I had to recreate.

get the look for less crate and barrel

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So here’s the room that we are starting with. I found it in a page of their early fall catalog, and let me say, I definitely would love to cozy up in this space by a fireplace with a cuppa tea on a blustery fall evening! I love the clean neutral color palette and the almost industrial elements that fit in so well and are softened by the comfy couch. Just give me a throw blanket and I’m good to go!

I should amend that – give me a cozy throw AND all the furniture pieces for a hefty discount and then I’ll be good to go 😉
get the look for less crate and barrel

Now let’s slash some prices while keeping the style, shall we?

Crate and Barrel Couch Look Alike

get the look for less crate and barrelThe best anchor for any sort of living room is a comfy couch! I just love couches with a built in chaise – they are just too cozy. We have a chaise couch at our house and we are always cuddled up on the long chaise portion – the rest of it hardly gets used at all! A good couch doesn’t have to cost a lot either. While Crate and Barrel’s couch is almost 2,000 smackaroos, Ikea has an awesome version for about half the price and it’s basically the same color and style! Both the Crate and Barrel couch and the Ikea couch can have the chaise portion be on either side.

Crate and Barrel C Table Look Alike

get the look for less crate and barrel

I really like C tables. I haven’t really seen them used much, but I think they are great to have as a movable table space that can be used as a laptop table or a nice place to put your coffee in the morning. Crate and Barrel has an all-steel C Table that’s $300. Ouch. I found a MUCH more affordable version at Bed Bath & Beyond for only $60 – it has the nice steel-looking legs and then a nice rich wood top. Super stylish!

Crate and Barrel Shelves

get the look for less crate and barrel

Shelving is a great way to display your treasures, store your books, and light a cozy candle. You can use white shelves to blend into white walls to further highlight your belongings or you can put them against a dark wall for a pop of interest. In the catalog spread, Crate and Barrel uses two of their shelves, but at $400 a pop I really couldn’t justify the cost. So I found some other shelves at J. Conrad Furniture that have the same white modern/slightly industrial look for a fraction of the price.

Crate and Barrel Floor Lamp

get the look for less crate and barrel

No room is complete without some nice mood lighting! Whether it’s for reading on a stormy night or making a cozy atmosphere while friends are over, everyone needs a good lamp! Floor lamps are also awesome because they almost act as another piece of furniture and great for making a statement. But $250 for a lamp at Crate & Barrel is a little bit steep. I couldn’t find an EXACT match, but I did find a great tripod lamp at HomeBase that has a similar feel and shade, but will make your pocket book a little happier.

If you were to buy all of the pieces, brand-new from Crate and Barrel, the total cost would be $3,345.00 BEFORE tax. It may not be a lot to some, but that’s more than I’m willing to spend in one go for only 4 pieces! 

Now, if you were to buy my look-alike finds, the total cost would be $1,525.10 before tax. That’s a savings of 54%! Muuuuucchhh better 🙂 And of course if you want to save even MORE money, consider buying pieces slowly over time or going to garage sales or thrift stores to get an even better deal! Happy bargain hunting!

What store or type of room should I do for Get the Look for Less next?




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