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room and board

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Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you’ve all got some fun and relaxing stuff planned for the weekend! Nate and I are helping some close friends move into their first home on Saturday (yay!), breaking in our new barbecue, going to church, and (for me) working at the library on Sunday. I’d love to hear what fun things you’ve got planned!

Today’s Get the Look for Less post features a really fantastic company: Room and Board. The sell gorgeous designer furniture with a modern vibe. It’s beautiful furniture, but the prices are wayy out of my range. They put in a Room and Board store in my college shopping plaza which I think was silly, because what college students have the money to buy their expensive furniture?? That aside, today I’m bringing you some cool copycat pieces that mimic the look of a Room and Board catalog bedroom, but for a fraction of the price! Take a look at the original catalog spread:

room and board

I absolutely love all the clean, straight lines in this space. The parsons bed gives it a touch of industrial, while the wood nightstand bench,  and stone color linens give a neutral warmth for balance. It looks like a cozy little room I’d love to curl up in! Scroll down below to see some of my look alike pieces and how the prices compare to the Room and Board originals!

Bed Frame

room and boardI found an almost identical bedframe at Walmart simply by googling the phrase “Parsons Bed,” which is the name that Room and Board gives the frame. Sometimes searching for key words that the original store uses will help you find a look alike copy! I love the sharp, crisp lines on this bed. Such a modern feel!


room and boardAt Room and Board you have to buy the duvet cover and the shams separately, but at you can get the whole kit and caboodle for mere pennies compared to the original! The “stone” color is what would be the closest match. Added bonus: it’s a 600 thread count set, so it’ll be super soft and cozy 🙂

Throw Pillow

room and board

Both of these are neutral lovely wool knit pillows that will go well with any decor. I’d love to have either on my bed! Though with the $79.99 price tag on the pillow, that one would be a much more friendly addition to my bedroom.


room and boardThe nightstand was a bit of a hard match because of the unique gray toned maple wood. I love the simple lines on the original piece, but I also love the fun pieces of character that the Target version brings in the form of those curvacious legs! The target version is much more budget-friendly and will look just as good in your bedroom!


room and board

I love fun hollow square-frame lamps. They definitely add a bit of modernity to the space! I found a really cheap version at Target that just about fits the bill! To get a more similar look to the Room and Board lamp, simply spray paint the bottom half of the lamp with some black or dark brown spray paint!


room and board

Bedroom benches are a great idea to think about when designing your private sanctuary. They provide an excellent place to toss extra pillows and blankets at night, a zone to put on shoes in the morning, or even just a place to sit and read a magazine. Benches can come padded or just plain wood, as the benches seen here. I definitely like the price tag on my Wayfair find!


room and board

The best source for rugs that I’ve seen, hands down, is They have literally a bajilliontrillion different rugs to fit any style and the best thing is that they are always having sales! Oftentimes they will have 60%, 70%, and 80% off! The Room and Board rug was listed as a low pile shag, so I found a similar one at RugsUSA. It looks so comfy for cold tootsies!

Picture Frame

room and boardPicture frames can be expensive, especially when it comes to Room and Board. A simple black frame costing $79?? No thank you. I have found Target to be one of the most cost-effective sources for getting picture frames. I found an almost exact copy for around $15 bucks! Yes please.

If you purchased all of the pieces from Room and Board brand new you would be looking at $4,731.00 before tax. Mmmm, I think I’ll pass on bleeding my wallet dry, thank you. However, if you were to go out and purchase all of my look alike versions, your total would come to $866.23 before tax. That’s under $1,000.00 and a savings of over 54%!

What is another store that you would like to find copycat pieces for less?



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