Get the Look for Less: Pottery Barn Patio

pottery barn patio

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As the weather starts warming up (well mostly warming up with a cloudy day thrown in every other afternoon) I’ve started dreaming about lounging out on our deck and taking in the sweet rays of sunshine and vitamin D. Mmm. I’m getting warmer just thinking about it! Having great patio furniture can really make or break how comfy and functional your space is. Right now we only have two Adirondack chairs that we picked up at Lowe’s before we moved. No table, no chairs, no side table for lemonades and magazines. Sigh. Cue the sad violin music. While dreaming of my own backyard oasis and drooling over Pottery Barn, I came across this lovely set up in their catalog:

pottery barn patio

The comfy cushions on those adorable wicker chairs looks like the perfect place to curl up with a good book on the sunny day! I also picked it because it’s all decked out with reds and blues which both fits the colors that are already a part of our house and because it would look fantastic for the upcoming (alright, in a few months) 4th of July holiday! I can just imagine chilling out and barbecuing on a warm summer evening…. Ahh.

But a major hitch in my dreaming and scheming is that I do not have a Pottery Barn budget. I have a… well no budget, really; a penny pincher’s budget. Which is fine! So I thought I’d take a look and see if I could get a similar look to the Pottery Barn Patio and get it for less. Check out my finds below! (Take note, none of the links below are affiliate links – I just want you to be able to find the items should you want to buy them! 🙂 )

Couch and Chairs

pottery barn patio

I think wicker furniture is a great option when it comes to patio furniture. It holds up well and looks very sophisticated on most any deck or patio! If you want to add this type of furniture to your backyard and don’t want to pay over $3,000.00 for a set, head on over to Walmart! The very similar set pictured here runs for $758 for all three pieces (get it here). What a steal! Walmart is actually the best place I’ve found for low-priced patio furniture, so whatever your style, wicker, metal, or wood, Walmart has great prices for all the way up to 7-piece combo sets.

Patio Cocktail Table

pottery barn patio

I absolutely adore these outdoor cocktail tables. Both feature easy to maintain zinc table tops that sit on unique x-frame stands. The style is rustic/industrial and can potentially fit in with a plethora of decor styles. I found a bargain here at at half the price of the Pottery Barn table!


pottery barn patio

Any deck requires a great umbrella to keep things cool! The sun is great, but skin cancer is not, so make sure you spend some intervals in the shade on those sunny days! The Pottery Barn umbrella is beachy and sophisticated and luckily I found an almost exact match here at Walmart again! Added bonus: the Walmart one can bend at a variety of angles to keep you in the shade no matter where you sit!


pottery barn patio

Oudtoor pillows are perfect for a pop of color and visual texture in any outdoor space. Even one or two will make a noticeable impact! The pillows from Pottery Barn have a patriotic flair to them (see the star pillow!) and great colors. I wanted to keep the vivid colors but go for patterns that were more bold and summery while keeping the great color palette. I found the blue/white lumbar pillow at Target for $14.99, the plain blue one at Walmart for $16.00, the 2 of the summer breeze pillows at for $44.99, and one of the gray with orangey red swirls at as well for $27.89.

Candle Holders

pottery barn patioThe ceramic and rope lanterns at Pottery Barn are super cute and definitely play up the patriotic theme, but I couldn’t stand the price for paying over $100 for a pair of candle holders. The thrifty girl in me just won’t do it! I found some cool comparable lanterns that feature a similar rope like handle, varied heights and fun cutouts at Target for a fraction of a price! Now that’s cool.

If you purchased all of the pieces brand new from Pottery Barn it would cost you a whopping $4,345.50 before tax! Yowza, Charlie. If you bough all of my look alike inspired bargains, your total would come out to $1,366.83 before tax!

That’s a savings of $2,978.67!

Of course, the best way to save is to buy pieces over time or to scour Craigslist, garage/estate sales, and thrift stores for cool pieces that be re-purposed or refinished! Happy hunting and may many sunday fundays come your way! 🙂

What do you think of my Pottery Barn inspired look-a-likes? Do you have a favorite piece? What are you going to do the next time it’s sunny out?



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