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One thing that never ceases to make me smile is receiving flowers. I just absolutely LOVE it when my hubby brings me a bouquet home after he gets off work. It shows that he is thinking of me and makes me feel really special 🙂 Giving flowers is on of the oldest and sweetest traditions and gestures of love and I’m SO glad that it’s continued to be a common practice. Even if you just buy them for yourself, flowers are a great pick-me-up and also make fantastic home decor additions. I love that you can switch out flowers whenever the mood strikes and that you can match them to any event or holiday. I was recently contacted by a floral company called The Bouqs, and they asked me if I wanted a free bouquet of flowers to review. I said heck yes! The Bouqs Co. is a fab company that grows all of their flowers on the side of a volcano in Ecuador and are loved by celebrities and the everyday consumer alike.

bouqs flowers

Here’s what the package looks like when it comes to your front door:

bouqs flowersYay for happy mail! 🙂

I ordered the ‘Dawn’ Bouquet – which features beautiful orangey/pink roses and I upgraded to a Deluxe bouquet which has 24 blooms (the Original has 12). A double dozen of flowers all for moi! I like it.

bouqs flowersThey needed a little bit of perking up when they arrived (It’s a long way from Ecuador, after all!) And I split them into 4 different vases. When it comes to decorating with flowers, I personally like to split up the bouquet. That way, I can have flowers all over the house instead of in just one room! Try experimenting with different groupings and amounts of blooms. A single flower can pack a lot of punch and a cluster of them is extremely romantic.

bouqs flowersI just love the color in these roses! So poppy and romantic and dreamy 🙂 After a few days they really started to blossom and open up and I don’t doubt they’ll continue to get even better over the next few days!

4 Ways to decorate with flowers:

 1. In the bedroom

bouqs flowers

bouqs flowers

I love having flowers in the bedroom. They smell amazing and add a softness to the space. I but some on top of my crate console that’s at the foot of our bed. There’s nothing better than waking up to a beautiful bouquet! It can change your whole outlook for the day. Seriously. Whenever my mother-in-law stays in a hotel she always buys herself a bouquet to brighten up her room!

2. Where you get ready

bouqs flowers

bouqs flowersI put a single rose next to where my I put my jewelry on and it feels like I’m in a Disney movie – I call it my ‘Beauty and the Beast’ rose! Looking at something beautiful like flowers while you go about getting ready for the day can completely improve your mood. When you surround yourself with pretty flowers, you’ll find that you have a more positive outlook about yourself and on life!

3. In dark rooms or corners

bouqs flowers

bouqs flowersDark rooms and corners in your home can definitely benefit from some bright and cheery blooms! My living room can be pretty dark as the windows face away from the sun, but hubby and I spend a lot of time in there – with friends or just hanging out and watching a movie. I set a mason jar with some orange roses on the tray on my ottoman and it instantly felt brighter! My eyes are drawn directly to the flowers whenever I walk in the room and I always leave with a smile on my face!

4. Where you like to relax

bouqs flowers

bouqs flowersOne of my favorite place to kick back and relax is by the fireplace. A cup of tea, a fuzzy blanket, a cozy fire, and some beautiful flowers seriously make my day. There’s just nothing better! Assess where you like to relax and spend you-time and add some blooms! It’s a great pick me up and breath of fresh air at the end of any stressful day 🙂

bouqs flower

bouqs flowers

Flowers are also the perfect gift to send or bring to any parties you have this holiday season! I was really pleased with The Bouqs – the ordering was a breeze, the delivery was quick, bouquets start at $40 and above all, the flowers are gorgeous! They even have specialty flowers like Ranunculus (my absolute FAVE!) and exotic lilies. I’ll definitely be using them again, especially when it comes to holidays like mother’s day! 

What’s your favorite kind of flower? Who do you know that would love a bouquet this holiday season?




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