DIY Wood Round Ring Holder

Happy September, everyone! How crazy is it that it’s already going to be Fall in a few weeks?? I’m SO excited for cozy autumn weather and everything that comes with it – sweaters, scarves, boots, getting cozy by the fire, PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING. Yep, I’m stoked.

I don’t know about you guys but I just love rings. They are one of my favorite pieces of jewelry to mix and match! From my beloved wedding ring to midi rings, plain bands to funky statement pieces and more, rings are just such a cool accessory. But I noticed that I wasn’t rotating through all of my rings very often because they were buried deep in my jewelry box and I just forgot about them. That’s no good! So I decided to make a fun and stylish holder for them all so I can change them out whenever the mood strikes!

wood round ring holder

This is seriously a pretty easy craft and only too me about a half an hour or less. Plus it’s perfect for that rustic farmhouse look and makes a great piece of stylish home decor! It definitely classes up my dresser! Don’t let your rings sit and get dusty in my jewelry box – here’s a good place for them to be displayed when you’re not wearing them! Let’s get started 🙂

Wood Round Ring Holder Materials

wood round ring holder

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Wood Round (I found mine at Michael’s for a few dollars – though you could always cut your own)

Drill with 3/32 size drill bit

3/4″ gold cup hooks

China marker or pencil

– Optional: hanging or stand-making materials

Step 1

wood round ring holder

Using your China marker or pencil, lightly mark where you would like your cup hooks to go. If you want all the hooks to be perfectly spaced, use a ruler to evenly space your pencil marks. I just eyeballed it since I wanted a more imperfect and rustic look (plus let’s be real, I was lazy)!

Step 2

wood round ring holder

Time to drill! It’s not as scary as it sounds, promise! Position your drill over the top of the marks you made press in the drill trigger, applying gentle pressure. Make sure you don’t go too far otherwise you’ll drill through the other side! A few seconds of drilling should be more than deep enough for your hooks.

Step 3

wood round ring holder

Add the cup hooks! These screw in easily by hand. Tighten them until the little neck on the cup hook touches the wood and face them all in your desired direction! If you find they aren’t screwing in easily, take your drill and drill the hole a bit deeper so the screw has enough room to catch.

Step 4 (Optional)

wood round ring holder

This part is totally option and customizable, depending on how you want to display your ring holder. Add some sort of device to the back of your round so you can hang it or stand it up. I wanted mine to stand on my dresser so I got creative and found an old wooden Ikea coaster I wasn’t using and simply nailed it at an angle into the back! It’s not the prettiest, but you can’t see it when the ring holder is standing up. Some other fun options would be to add a picture hanging hook or stapling a ribbon or bit of twine to the back for a fun hanging look. It’s truly up to you!

And here is my finished wood round ring holder! *swoon*

wood round ring holder

Isn’t she a beaut?? Seriously. I love the soft gold hooks and the warm rich tones and texture of the wood. It’s the perfect combo, in my opinion! Hang all your favorite rings from the hooks to sit pretty until you are ready to wear them 🙂

I absolutely love the detailing on the wood! It fits the rustic look I was going for perfectly. Here are few photos of it in my little jewelry corner! Doesn’t it go so well with my DIY Wood Hanger Necklace Holder?



wood round ring holder

And there you have it! A really quick and easy wood round ring holder in minutes! It’s a great crafty decor piece to showcase your rings and keep them all in one, organized place until they’re ready to grace your fingers. I use mine everyday and just love having it on my dresser!

What’s your fave type of jewelry – necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings??





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