Thanksgiving Tablescapes 5 Different Ways

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means tons of delicious foods. Is anyone excited?? I know I am! I already got a little taste of Thanksgiving when we had Friendsgiving this past weekend and let me tell you, turkey and sweet potatoes and rolls and pie are even better than I remember. Yes. If you want to impress friends and family simply want to put in a little extra effort this year, check out the different types of Thanksgiving tablescapes that I’ve rounded up below.

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Follow along with the tips below to put together beautiful and stylish tablescapes! And if you love the looks below, be sure to click through to the source and pin from the original link!

Rustic Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescapes

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The rustic farmhouse look is an extremely popular look for Thanksgiving tables. With the soft colors, natural textures, and high-style decor pieces, the rustic farmhouse set-up is perfect if you want to go for a classy yet casual look. When going for this design style, look for rustic weathered wood accents, pastel greenery, plain white candles, and farmhosue-pattern textiles like light plaid, sack grain, and burlap. Pair with simple dishes and flatware to finish of the look! Perfect for causal or formal dinners.

Glam Thanksgiving Tablescapes

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If you really want to turn heads or just love everything glitzy, take a risk and go for a glam Thanksgiving table! ┬áThink anything glittery, shiny, or fancy! Gold, silver, copper – pick one metallic hue or use them all! Layer in crystal pieces and other blingy accents for a beautiful dream. If you don’t have that many glamorous place settings, opt instead for a sequined tablecloth and layer bright flowers, metallic candle holders and more neutral accents on top. You’ll be sure to impress your guests!

Minimal Thanksgiving Tablescapes

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Don’t like a lot of muss and fuss or don’t own a lot of seasonal/holiday-specific decor? Minimal is the way to go! Minimal Thanksgiving tables leave more room for food, conversation, and friendship. Decorate sparsely with plain plates and flatware (though you could add a little bit of interest by using gold utensils or pretty glasses) and throw a flower arrangement or two and couple of candles along the center of the table. Voila! Easy and beautiful and great to throw together for impromptu Friendsgivings.

Festive/Traditional Thanksgiving Tablescapes

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Traditional more your thing? If you love the colors of fall or have fond nostalgic memories of eating turkey off of Grandma’s fine china, recreate the table of your memories. Look for vintage plates, fancy cloth napkins, and seasonal decor like pumpkins, pinecones, and leaves to pull together a festive, yet not-over-the-top look. Serve food in traditional dishes and polish up the ol’ silver for a classic look. Perfect for family dinners – you’ll be transported back to childhood!

Colorful Thanksgiving Tablescapes

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┬áCalling all risk takers and bold personas! Like thinking outside the box or have a love for pops of color? Take a colorful approach to this Thanksgiving’s table! Anything goes with the colorful style – you can take a more sophisticated and muted design with rich purples and greens or you can go off the wall with pinks, oranges, teals, and more. It’s truly up to you! Pick a hue and look for plates, flatware, flowers, napkins, decor and more that fits your vibe. Your guests are sure to smile!

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tablescape?



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