Decor Trend: Ikat Print

Ikat print is a vastly popular pattern these days and is gracing everything from fashion (think maxi skirts) to home decor and is most popular when it comes to decor items that are fabric based.

Ikat (pronounced ee-kot – which I didn’t know and have been saying wrong my whole life…) comes to us from places like Indonesia, India, and central Asia. The mesmerizing and fuzzy edged patterns come from a technique where the threads are bound and dyed with a pattern, are then deconstructed with the individual threads being woven into the final cloth. Thanks, Wikipedia! I am now very informed on the history and making of ikat pattern fabric 🙂

ikat print header


This fun and global style of pattern is great for adding a bit of international and earthy flair to your home. Ikat prints come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and individual pattern design. It can be sweet and subtle or in-your-face bold! I particularly think an ikat print looks great on an accent chair for a focal point or in small details like trays or throw pillows for a touch of pizazz. The key is to not go overboard with this frisky pattern! Stick to one or two pieces, like curtains or a bench for maximum impact without looking like a textile factory exploded in your living room 😉

3 easy (and DIY) ways to add Ikat prints to your home

1. Pillows: throw pillows are usually pretty cheap and come in a variety of colors wide enough to suite any palette. Can’t find an ikat print you love in pillow form? If you’re crafty, you can make an easy pillow slipcover with some fabric from the craft store!

2. Wall art: I’m in LOVE with the first picture in my style board above. Easily get this look by buying a few yards of a cool ikat print in your fave color and then framing. Great looking wall art in minutes! You can also print off various ikat prints like the yellow ones below and frame several for an instant gallery with minimal effort.

3. Decor pieces: To get the look of the circle tray or the mousepad below, simply get a swatch of fabric and then Mod Podge it to a pre-made tray or mousepad, or well, anything you can think of, for a quick and fresh update.

Are you a fan of the Ikat print? How would you use it in your home?



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