Tea and Coffee Printables

As you guys may or may not know, I have a *small* addiction to tea. I set up a tea and coffee bar in my home and have even made tea bag canisters out of old candle jars. Tea is awesome! To spread my love for this magical beverage, I made a cute little mug printable. And so as not to leave the coffee lovers (like my husband) out, I’ve made a coffee printable as well. These would be perfect in a kitchen, or in my case, above my tea/coffee bar! There should be no talking before 10am, just hugs and lots and lots of tea and coffee. Enjoy πŸ™‚

Here’s what they would look like all framed up:

tea printable

coffee printable

To print out the TEA Printable, click HERE to download the PDF!

To print out the COFFEE Printable, click HERE to download the PDF!

Both printables should print out as an 8×10, but if you want something smaller, feel free to resize! These would also look great in frames with some poppy colors! Enjoy my friends, and remember, keep calm and drink tea. Or coffee. Or both. πŸ˜‰





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