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coffee bar

Hello friends! It’s finally a rainy and chilly day over here in the PNW. “Finally?” you say, “Isn’t it always rainy in Seattle?” Surprisingly, it’s not! We actually have very beautiful and often times hot summers here in Washington state. It’s been in the 80s and sometimes reaching 90 for the tail end of summer (which is really hot for us PNWers!) and even though it’s supposed to be trending towards fall, we have still had a lot of hot summery days. I’m ready for fall, people! So today God answered my fervent prayers and gave me a beautiful chilly, cozy, gray, misty fall day. Ahhh, just what I’ve been needing! Fall is my absolute FAVE season as you can tell from my Fall Favorites post.

To continue the trend, I thought I would post about one of my favorite corners in my house which definitely provides me a pick me up on these blanket-wrapped days. My tea and coffee bar! When we first started looking at houses one of my biggest requirements and plans was that there had to be room for a tea and coffee bar. HAD to. I’m a HUGE tea addict and my hubs loves his coffee fix so we knew that having a station in which to prepare these cozy drinks had to be a permanent fixture in our home.

coffee bar

I started with the Hemnes Sofa Table from Ikea and added four Knipsa baskets to the bottom. Right now the baskets just hold books and other odds and ends, but, knowing how much I’m addicted to tea, they could very well turn into large tea holding containers. You know, for all my back up tea.

For the tiny shelves above the baskets, I displayed all of my fave beverages. We got the hot chocolates as a house warming gifts, and The Queen Mary teas are from my FAVORITE tea shoppe in all of Washington. They even do little afternoon teas with all the sandwiches and nibbles and real china. If you are ever in the Seattle area you HAVE to go. Just saying. The glass jars I put regular tea bags in are actually old Bath and Body Works candle jars! Here’s a tutorialΒ showing you the best way to get rid of old wax and transform the glasses into adorable storage jars!

I’m a MAJOR Doctor Who fan (any other Whovians out there??) and so my hubby bought me a delightful TARDIS teapot and tea diffuser (seen in the wooden box) Two. Of my favorite. Things. Tea + Doctor Who. It’s so perfectly British! I’m thinking about instating regular afternoon tea times at my house. Who wants to join? I also picked up those adorable little white ceramic pieces separately at different thrift stores, but they look like they are made to be together, don’t you think? The little one with the spoon holds my sugar!

coffee bar

Of course with all this tea love I couldn’t leave hubby and his coffee adoration out! We just got a Keurig machine and it is magical. Who knew that making delicious coffee could be so easy?? Before we got this wonderful coffee machine we used to make French press since we didn’t have a conventional coffee maker. And while delicious, it was time consuming, and I never could finish the whole thing. So, yay Keurig!

I picked up a cute little wooden box from Target a while back, that is originally used for papers and files and things. But I decided that it would make the perfect tea and coffee bar accessory holder! It conveniently holds all the little K-cups, some extra mugs, and all of my tea diffusers quite nicely. I also picked up a handy little mug rack from Ikea which really makes organization a snap! The ‘Bar’ print above is actually another postcard from our wedding!

There’s a few other fun details that I’ve thrown in to round out my coffee and tea bar. A new addition is my “Keep Calm and Put the Kettle On” print – it’s so Britishy and perfect. I love it! I also added a little wine corner with all my saved corks which I put into my DIY Glitter Vase and couple of cool wine bottles that I couldn’t bear to throw out. And of course a wedding photo adds that final loving touch. He may like coffee, and I like tea, but we both work together in perfect harmony πŸ˜‰

coffee bar

My rehabbed garage sale corkboard even gets in on the love and is the perfect place to store all those save-the-dates and important reminders! It rounds out and completes the space nicely, methinks.

coffee bar

And there you have it! My perfect little tea and coffee bar nook. It’s definitely one of my fave spots in the house, and I feel so adult making a hot drink before I start work. What do you think?






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