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Hey all! I don’t know about you, but I love little creatures. I have a problem. There, I said it. I could watch Animal Planet’s “Too Cute!” for days on repeat. Kittens, puppies, kangaroos, gerbils, otters… you name it I love it. (Except for naked mole rats.) I also love how little critters are becoming popular as home decor. But not like, taxidermy, or anything. No! Ick! I should rephrase. I merely mean the representation of animals in the home is becoming a popular trend, particularly when it comes to owls, foxes, and deer. Animal Decor. I’m just going to say it right now, I liked owls and foxes before they were cool. Just sayin’. They’ve been my favorite since I was about 10 or so. Owls because I always hoped (…and still hope…) that my letter from Hogwarts will come one day, and foxes because they are a basically a cross between a cat and dog and they are just too darn clever! And orange. Anyway, I digress.

animal decor                                                                       (the cute napkins are from here!)

Animal home decor is a great way to add some whimsy and fun to your home in small doses and bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. While I’m not a fan of all things animal (think cheetah print), I do love home decor pieces that feature animals either in print or in shape. I’ve collected some great pieces featuring owls, foxes, and deer to inspire you in your own home design!

Owl Decor

Owls are awesome. And not just because of the Harry Potter reference, though that too, is awesome. Owls are a great addition to any space because they evoke a feeling of wisdom and of flight, which is very free-spirited. Try putting some owl decor in your home office or near a fireplace for instant class.  As I stated above, I personally adore owls, and since stating this fact, virtually every present I get from family members and friends features an owl on it in some way! And see that little white ceramic owl at the end of the first row? He’s a iPod speaker! How cool is that? As Portlandia says, “Put a bird on it!” and you can’t go wrong.

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Fox Decor

What does the fox say? Foxes are Fantastic; they call him “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” for a reason! Foxes are a great and upcoming trend in animal decor, not just in Norwegian viral videos. These sly little creatures add an air of mystery and playfulness. With bushy tails and tickly whiskers, these guys have quickly burrowed into my heart and will into yours, too! Foxes can be sassy or sophisticated, depending on how you use them. Try adding them to a children’s bedroom or to a den or kitchen. The fox on a bike rug is too precious and the re-purposed dresser is to die for. Ah!

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Deer Decor

All things deer are quickly becoming dear to the hearts of interior designers (do you see what I did there?) – they aren’t just for hunters anymore! Antlers and deer in general add a touch of rustic-ness to your home with a dash of majesty thrown in; I mean, who wouldn’t be impressed by those antlers? Try adding deer themed animal decor items to a bedroom or living room and watch as the sophistication and shabby chic charm levels soar, without having to hurt Bambi. I want want want  the antler necklace holder and the patterned deer head is a great modern take on the icky taxidermy alternative.

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All of these options are great ones to try in your home. Etsy sellers specialize in a lot of these trendy animal decor items. If you can’t find something you like, make it! Thrift stores usually have a fair amount of old, painted ceramic animal figurines – just slap on a coat of spray paint in a poppy color and bam! you have a great, fresh animal decor piece. Stencils and stickers can be applied to nearly anything, so craft away! A word to the wise, though; don’t go overboard with animal decor or it’ll end up looking like a zoo! Keep it to a couple pieces per room or area of the house and let them shine on their own 🙂

Do you love this trend? Have a favorite animal you like to use in your decor? I’d love to hear about it!



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