Scandinavian Christmas Inspiration

If you know me, you know that I just love the Scandinavian home decor style. Bright and clean, modern and simplistic, cozy and stylish, Scandi style is perfection all year round. My ancestry has a lot of Scandinavian heritage (Swedish/Norwegian), so I automatically feel drawn to their way of life. I especially love the way this design trend decorates for Christmas!  Natural elements, geometric and modern touches, twinkle lights and candles all aglow, Scandinavian Christmas decor just reminds me of simpler times, of cozy nights spent by the tree with loved ones, or a gray afternoon with a book in hand and a peppermint hot chocolate by the pretty glow of twinkling strands of Christmas lights. Ahhh, I get relaxed just thinking about it!

scandinavian christmas inspiration

I’ve gathered up some seriously gorgeous inspiration photos and tips for getting the Scandi look in your home for Christmas. Just think natural, cozy, and simple and you’re halfway to a Scandinavian Christmas!

Start with a Palette of Blacks, Whites, and Neutrals

Neutral Fireplace // White Room // Geometric Garland // Paper Garlands // Grand Gray Room

Any good Scandinavian design usually has a very neutral color palette – lots of whites, grays, tans, and blacks! This provides a clean and airy base from which you can add on decorations for that Christmas charm! Keep your decor in a neutral palette as well for an extra Scandinavian touch.

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Use Natural Elements to Bring Life

Joyeux Noel // Woodland Tablescape // Branch // Wood Log Tree // Branch Advent Calendar

Natural elements like branches, boughs, and pinecones are perfect natural touches to add to your Scandinavian Christmas design. Added bonus – they are free to gather and cut right from your own backyard! Cut branches of varying sizes and stick in glass vases for a beautiful woodsy table centerpiece.

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Throw in Geometric and Modern Touches

Beaded Garland // Wooden Trees // Pendant Ornaments // Pipe Cleaner Ornaments // Christmas Scene

Scandinavians usually add geometric decor to their Christmas palette. There is just something so pretty and fresh about angular Christmas ornaments, decor pieces, and more. A lot of these ornaments can be easily made yourself on the cheap using items like pipe cleaners, wood beads, paper, and wooden cones.

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Pretty Twinkling Lights and Candles Add the Glow

Lighted Branch Basket // Twinkling Hallway // Paper Stars // Candle Village // Globe Lights

No matter where you are or how you decorate for Christmas, twinkly Christmas lights always add the touch of magic that just makes the season special. Use cozy strands of large globe lights and tapered candles all around the house for that warm and inviting glow. For the extra whimsical touch, add icicle lights from a hallway ceiling!

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Layer on Cozy Textures, Rugs, and Blankets

Cozy Fireplace // Wood Ceiling // Mugs of Cider // Pinecone Basket /// Picture Window

With cold winter days (and nights) reigning supreme, it’s absolutely necessary to have lots of cozy and comfy textures in your home! My favorite are big chunky knit and fuzzy blankies and poofy floor pillows for lounging around with a mug of cocoa. Every surface needs to have something warm and comfy!

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Simplicity is King

Wall Tree // Puppy Dog // Child’s Room // Simple Vignette // Christmas Tree Print

But remember that above all, with Scandinavian Christmas design, simplicity is king. A touch of greenery here, a simple framed piece of artwork there, and a few select baubles and decor pieces are all you need to make your home a Scandinavian winter wonderland! 🙂

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