Nautical Home Decor

The weather is finally starting to look like it might be trending towards summer sun instead of spring rain (fingers crossed). It’s been so rainy and cold here in Washington state lately and to boot our heater up and decides it doesn’t want to work anymore. So I type this to you with frigid fingers and huddled beneath a fuzzy blanket. Ergh. It’s supposed to be summer, people! I’m super jealous of all you lovely readers out there who live in warmer and sunnier states! Luckily hubby and I are headed out to Bavarian-themed Leavenworth for the weekend and it’s supposed to be in the 80s there! Hallelujah! I think I may secretly be a California girl at heart. I’m excited to escape to the warmer climate on the other side of the mountains and revel in a lot of fun, non-work activities! Don’t worry though, I’ll be posting twitter and instagram updates throughout my trip, so be sure to stay-tuned!

nautical home decor

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Summer weather always brings nautical home decor to mind. The idea of fresh salt air off the water and warm sum embodied in all things navy blue, red, gold, and wood tones just make my heart go pitter-patter! The nautical trend has been around for a long time, but people are always coming up with new and creative ways to keep nautical home decor fresh. I’ve rounded up some great ideas so you, too, can get this great look in your home!

Nautical Coastal Bedroom

The bedroom is a great place to add touches of nautical decor for a calming and peaceful effect.  They key is to not go overboard (haha, get it?) but to keep it classy and in the details. Try a wood plank headboard or wall and some sea grass blinds to get that ocean texture. Fun details like rope, coral, and subtle anchor patterns add to the nautical feel without being to obvious. And of course, navy stripes, either in the bedspread, pillows, or curtains never goes out of style!

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Nautical Coastal Living Room

The living room is a great place to get bold! Pair a blue couch with driftwood accents and you’ve gotten instant class. Add pops of red and white in textiles like pillows and rugs to mix up the look.  I also love fun details like boat steering wheels and colorful oars, in moderation of course. You don’t want your living room to look like a boat storage house! Or maybe you do, if that’s your thing. I don’t judge.

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Nautical Coastal Bathroom

Nautical themed bathrooms can be gorgeous when done tastefully! Considering bathrooms are usually the smaller rooms in a house, keep the details small and subtle. Incorporate rope into your design and combine it with useful objects like towel rods or shelving. Brass is a great choice for fixtures when it comes to the nautical bathroom – it’s more old-school ship-like! I also adore sea grass baskets for holding towels and round porthole-style mirrors. And isn’t that styleboard from Carissa Miss just amazing?? I so want my bathroom to look like that!

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Nautical Coastal Home Office

The home office or craft room is another excellent space to bring some nautical home decor to. The color red inspires productivity and mental stimulation, so try using a variation of red (even coral or salmon) for the walls or your desk to keep your creative juices flowing! And I absolutely love the fun details you can bring into an office space – nautical flags, boat mousepads, and sea-inspired prints and art kick it up a notch. That little whale pencil holder is just too adorable!

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Added Bonus: Nautical Coastal Deck Inspiration

nautical home decor

I’m over the moon in love with this styleboard from Simple Stylings! The coral rug, navy chevron pillows and the metal anchor light are the perfect amount of summery nautical fun without being too much. I’d love to have my deck look like this! Sigh, a girl can dream, can’t she?

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Do you love the nautical trend? What room in your house do you want to give a ship-shape makeover to?




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