Mixing Patterns – 3 Unique Combos that Work

A fun way to freshen up any tired space is to add some fun and eye-catching new patterns. For years, design trends said that everything had to be matchy-matchy, but the current mentality is now anything goes! Mixing patterns that you wouldn’t necessarily think go together provides a fun pop of visual interest and brightens up boring furniture and home decor in minutes! The key is to get the right balance of color, size, and amount of pattern. Other than that, the possibilities are truly endless!

mixing patterns

Here are 3 cheery and unique pattern combos that you can try in your own home to get that perfectly mismatched bohemian and hip vibe! Get inspired and then hit that Joann Fabrics to find your very own unique combos that fit your color scheme and style. Use these prints on anything from pillow covers to lampshades to framed pieces of art, and you’ll have a styling room in no time!

Mixing Patterns: Aztec & Polka Dots

mixing patterns

When using a bold and busy pattern like an aztec print, the key is to pair it with something that is less overwhelming – otherwise your patterns will compete and you might end up with a headache 😉 I love pairing aztecs with polka dots for a poppy, trendy feel that’s playful and bright. To make it work, find a common color or shade that can be used in both – for example the tannish gold found in both of these prints. This would be a great pairing for a boho chic loft!

Bold Stripes & Vintage Florals

mixing patterns

As with the aztec and polka dots above, the key to making florals and stripes work is making sure you balance the busyness of your prints. If you have larger flowers, go for smaller stripes, & vice versa. I love how vintage florals can be refreshed and modernized by pairing it with strong black and white lines. These are not your grandma’s roses! This combo is feminine and mature while maintaining a bold and fun overall statement. If you are a chic fashionista, this is definitely the combo for you!

Geometric Triangles and Scallops

mixing patterns

This pair of patterns both have pretty bold colors and shapes, but the key to this one making sure that the amount of white space and the size of the shapes is different enough. Putting rounded shapes with sharper edged geometric shapes is a surefire way to mix patterns successfully. Think of them as yin and yang – so different and yet they complement each other so well! The scallops are free-flowing and creative while the triangles ground them and provide stability. I love the neutral colors in this set and I think they would be perfect for a nursery or any nautical themed space!

These are just 3 examples of how you can vary the style and feel of your home by mixing patterns. The options and pairings are completely endless! Just remember to always balance the size and styles of your prints and you’ll be sure to hit a home run! 

What’s your favorite pattern combo?





  • Love these combos, especially the black and white with the floral. I am not a huge fan of florals but I kinda love the idea of combining the two.

    • Erica Sooter says:

      I’m with you Gilly, florals aren’t usually my thing either, but with the bold stripes it just seems to work!

  • Carol Long says:

    I love this. It is the closest I have found to help me with my design problem but I still have some hesitancy. I have a duvet that is a large Indian style printed mandala.The colors are mostly blues with some orange and rust colors. The overall pattern is a large round mandala but individually it is circles of small rows of elephants, donkeys, peacocks, and smaller florals and leaves. I absolutely love this duvet but I also love large vintage style florals. Most of the florals are more sketchy or geometric than realistic and the colors really pop. The duvet is more muted overall. Would these mix together in any way? While I love a Moroccan style or boho styled room, I don’t necessarily want it to read just that style. What can I use to mix with the mandala to make it a little boho but also really fresh and new?

    • Erica Sooter says:

      Hi Carol, Thanks for your comment! Without seeing either pattern, it’s hard to determine for sure if they would work together. But the great thing about design is that whatever makes you happy works! If you throw them together and decide they look great, then they look great! It’s all about what you love 🙂 I think florals can definitely work with Indian mandalas if the color schemes overlap a little bit.

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