I’m Not Weird I Am Limited Edition Printable

I’ve always been a little bit more… odd than most people. I’m an obsessive reader, a neat freak, and a hardcore nerd. If you mention anything Harry Potter or Doctor Who or Outlander and OMGIDIEjoaksjdfoiajsdf. I have mermaid aqua streaks in my hair, tattoos, and a nose ring. My ideal evening is hanging out at home with the hubby and pets and yet I love to travel. I’m introverted but have no problem acting and being on stage. My food palate is that of a five-year old… yep, ALL the macaroni and cheese for me!

There are so many odd little facets that make up who I am and I love each and every one. Sure, I might get weird stares when I nerd out over my favorite fandom in public or when I find the book I was looking for, but that doesn’t bother me. Why? Because I’m not weird, I’m not less than anyone else who’s more “normal”. I’M LIMITED EDITION. There is only one me and I’m awesome (not to brag or anything).

I’m so glad that I am me and that I love what I love and that I am what I am. It took me a long time to love myself and embrace who I am, flaws and oddities and all, but now I can’t imagine being anyone else. And you should love yourself, too. You aren’t weird or an outcast or someone who isn’t worthy of love. YOU are limited edition and you are so very special, just the way you are.

Get your free I’m Not Weird I am Limited Edition Printable HERE!

I'm Not Weird I Am Limited Edition Printable

I Am Not Weird I Am Limited Edition Printable

Be weird, AHEM, limited edition, and be proud! 😉




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