Current Interior Design Trend: Minimalism + How to Get the Look

Gone are the days of gaudy furniture, overwhelming patterns, and over-stuffed rooms. Over the past couple of years, the current interior design trend has been leaning towards minimalism, clean lines, and uncluttered spaces.

current home decor interior design trend minimalism

A minimalist lifestyle is one that can definitely bring you lots of peace, tranquility and happiness. Without all the excess fluff around, you can focus on what truly matters and invest in things that bring you great joy. Plus there is less to keep track of/clean/organize etc. – I call that a win-win!

So how can you get the minimalist look in your home? Check out my tips below!

KonMari Your Home

current home decor interior design trend minimalism

The first step to a minimalist home is to cut that clutter! Following the principles of KonMari, you can go through all of the belongings/furniture/clothing in your home and get rid of anything that doesn’t ‘spark joy.’ By getting rid of useless items or pieces you don’t actually love, you can free up space in your home, head, and heart and live a happier and more organized life!

Keep Colors Natural

current home decor interior design trend minimalism

Minimalism often means keeping colors neutral. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but when the walls are painted crisp whites or calming grays, it’s much easier for your space to appear fresher and cleaner. Keeping colors neutral when it comes to furniture pieces is also a big aid in giving of a minimalist vibe – you can customize the look with accents and decor pieces of your favorite hue to spice things up.

Find Permanent Pieces

current home decor interior design trend minimalism

Get rid of that crappy college couch and falling-apart end tables. Once you’ve KonMari-ed your furniture and only kept what you absolutely love, head out and find new permanent pieces that are both quality and fit in with your new minimalist style. Look for clean lines, non-distracting patterns and well-made materials. Spend a bit of extra cash on items that you can use and treasure for a lifetime!

Curate your Art

current home decor interior design trend minimalism

Walls overflowing with haphazard frames or too many photos or pieces of art can often be distracting and the opposite of calming. Select a few favorite pieces or pictures and tie them together in a small gallery wall with matching or coordinating frames for a clean, yet curated look. Donate or sell art that doesn’t fit your style and find permanent places for what you decide to keep, making sure that you give each piece the space and highlighting it deserves.

Keep It Clean

current home decor interior design trend minimalism

With less furniture, art, and decor items to hide dust, dirt, and clutter, be sure to keep up with a fairly regular cleaning schedule to stay on top of the mess. Find a place for everything and keep everything in it’s place. Stay organized! Sweep or vacuum a couple times a week to keep surfaces looking pristine and fresh. You’ve got this!

Do you love or hate the minimalism movement?





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