Hometalk Curated Board – Crate Projects

Happy Friday, friends! I’m glad it’s finally the weekend – life just gets so busy during the week! I get to go to an awesome Relient K concert tonight with hubby and my dear friend and college Bible study leader, Hillary! I haven’t been to a concert in ages so it’ll be fun to rock out to some live music again 🙂

Do you guys remember my crate console as part of The Great Crate Challenge?

hometalkI also posted it to Hometalk and it got a lot of great comments and interaction! Have you ever heard of Hometalk? If you haven’t, it is a fantastic place where users can post projects and tutorials, get answers to questions about home improvement, and in general just interact with others over all things home! You don’t have to be a professional or even a blogger – it’s totally for the everyday person to get and share great inspiration. It’s such a fun website to peruse and a really cool part is that you can ‘clip’ projects to boards, much like you would on Pinterest, so you can find them again later!

After seeing my crate project, Hometalk came to me and asked if I would like to curate a board featuring some other great and creative crate projects. Of course I gladly accepted! There are TONS of fantastic crate projects on Hometalk, and I’ve rounded up 20 of my favorites to share with you all!

hometalkHead on over to Hometalk by clicking the image above or by clicking here to see all the fun and creative uses for a crate that I found! Some of them will surprise you! If you search ‘crate’ in their search bar, you can find even more fab projects to get your creative juices going. It was a ton of fun curating this board and I will definitely be tucking away some of these ideas for later use!

And don’t forget, feel free to follow me on Hometalk here: http://www.hometalk.com/ericasooter to keep up with all of the great projects that I post and clip to my boards! I’ll follow back 🙂






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