Free Printable Quote – Life is Sweeter Than Fiction

I’m a bibliophile. No, that’s not a dirty word. It means that I am a lover of books, a lover of words. I’m always expanding my personal collection, and heck, I work at the library as a part time job. I. Love. Books. So I was looking for a book-inspired quote to make into a printable for ya’ll for Freebie Friday and came across this great one: This life is sweeter than fiction. How beautiful is that? Sure, life can also be stranger than fiction (like the Will Ferrell movie), but a lot of the time, things in life can be even better than what we read in novels because it’s real. Great things may happen in books, but in the end, they are just thoughts that came out of someone’s head; they didn’t actually happen to you (though it may feel like it when we are engrossed in a great book!) The great thing about real life is that these are our memories, our ups, our downs, and while things may not be perfect, we are alive and breathing in this world and that is a miracle enough. So count your blessings and remember that this life truly is sweeter than fiction 🙂

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