EAT Kitchen Sign

eat kitchen sign

Good afternoon, all my lovely readers! I’m so excited because tomorrow I get to leave on my weekend trip to Leavenworth! For those of you who don’t know what/where that is, it’s a little town over the mountains east of Seattle that is Bavarian themed. That’s right, Bavarian themed. Do you guys remember that Jonathan Taylor Thomas (sigh JTT) movie “I’ll be Home for Christmas”? And how they end up at that kitschy German/Swiss tourist town in the middle of the movie? Yeah, THAT’S Leavenworth! They used it for the movie, which is AWESOME. Whenever we go there we always make it a point to stop at The Cheesemonger which literally sells the best cheeses. Ever. Someday when I’m rich I’m going to join their cheese of the month club. That will be the epitome of classy living right there.

And because I love cheese (and eating in general – I’m not too picky) I thought I would whip up a quick EAT Kitchen Sign. There is a little quarter (eighth?) wall that bridges the kitchen and the eating area that was just begging for something cool to go there. Enter EAT. I know it’s a super popular home decor thing to have this word spelled out in your home, but I think it’s cute and couldn’t resist. Follow along for the easy tutorial below andΒ  some glamor shots of the finished product!

EAT Kitchen Sign Materials

eat kitchen sign

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Cardboard Letters (I got mine at Joann’s for $4.99 each)

Masking Tape


Spray Paint in your choice of color

– Optional: Twine or other hanging devices

Step 1

Cut off a strip of the masking tape and begin cutting it into triangles. I just cut diagonal lines back and forth to use the whole width of the tape, if that makes sense. Once you cut out a triangle, stick it to your cardboard letter. I cut one and then stuck one, but if you wanted you could cut a bunch and then stick them all on at once. I put my triangles in off centered rows. When you are finished it should look something like this:

eat kitchen sign

I kind of liked how they looked with the brown cardboard background and the creamy white tape! If you like the way this looks, you could totally stop here and have awesome letters. But I decided to press on.

Step 2

eat kitchen sign

Set out some newspaper so your hubby doesn’t get mad at you for spray-painting the grass (again). Take your spray paint and lightly coat your letters, making sure you also get all the sides. I only did one coat since the cardboard is very accepting of spray paint.

Step 3

eat kitchen sign

Carefully peel off all your triangles once your letters are dry. Mine came off super easily! Once you get them all off, the letters should look like the photo below. You’re almost there!

eat kitchen sign

Step 4

I don’t know about you, but once I finished steps 1-3 I realized that my letters didn’t have any sort of hanging devices on the back. Bummer! If yours do, then all you need to do is hang it up! If your letters didn’t come with any hooks or holes, attach a lightweight hanging device. I simply hot-glued a loop of twine to the back of each letter and it worked a treat! Now just hang and enjoy πŸ™‚

Finished EAT kitchen sign!

eat kitchen sign

Here’s how it looks hanging in my kitchen! I guess my kitties took the sign literally.

I think it fits that space perfectly and really provides a great focal point that bridges the dining room and the kitchen nicely.

eat kitchen sign

eat kitchen sign

What’s your favorite food to make or eat?




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