Beat the Winter Blues with these Cozy Must-Haves!

Let’s be real, the weather hasn’t been the most pleasant lately. As I type this it’s pouring rain and there are 30 mile an hour wind gusts – yech! And I feel bad for all of you who are stuck in boatloads of snow! Since we are still in the throes of winter for a little time yet, I decided to round up some super cozy home decor pieces and accessories to make weathering, well, the weather, a little bit more bearable.

beat the winter blues cozy must haves

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I don’t know about you, but when it’s gross outside I love nothing more than to curl up in a pile blankets. Fuzzy throws, huge comforters, handmade fleece blankets – I don’t discriminate, ya’ll. If it’s stormy out I guarantee that you will find me buried beneath several layers with a cat or two snuggled up by my side. Whether or not you are always cold (like me) or just like the look of throws draped over furniture, it definitely pays off to have a few cozy fuzzies lying around šŸ™‚


Good-smelling candles are an absolute must have for setting the cozy mood. My favorite go-to candles are Bath & Body Works 3-wicks – all of their scents are DIVINE. Ohmygoodness. My hubby and I go every few months to stock up on all of the seasonal ‘flavors.’ Even if you don’t love scented candles, there are lots of great options like tapers, tea lights, and more, for giving off a cozy glow that’s perfect for curling up under those aforementioned blankets šŸ˜‰


Pillows and blankets go hand in hand. They are like a deeply in love married couple and they must always be together. ALWAYS. But seriously. Whether you love down feathers, cotton batting, giant floor pillows, or decorative throw pillows, there is a pillow out there for you. Perfect for making forts and bolstering yourself while watching your 18th episode of The Blacklist during your latest Netflix binge. Pillows are perfection.

Cozy Clothes

I don’t know about you, but I could basically live my entire life in sweaters and yoga pants and be perfectly content. Can I get an amen?? Rainy days are no fun when you have to wear jeans or *gasp* work clothes. My first number one step for having a cozy day is always hopping into something comfy (or basically staying in pajamas if the occasion allows). Every human being needs a good scarf, a good sweater/sweatshirt, and good comfy pants, no exceptions!

Mood Lighting

If candles aren’t your thing (or you frequently fall asleep while watching Netflix, which makes candles a life hazard), then an awesome lamp or twinkle lights will go a long way to making your space cozy and calm. Edison bulbs are great for that evening glow and decorativeĀ string lights and a whimsical touch. You can even make your existing lamps more cozy by adding a dimmer andĀ *boom*Ā instant mood lighting for those rainy evenings.

Liquid Warmth

There’s just something about a gray day that makes me crave like 8 bajillion cups of tea or coffee a day. Do you feel the same way? I have my favorite mug, my favorite spoon, and an adorable little sugar bowl that are my best friends whenever it’s chilly out. My hands are perpetually cold, so having a warm mug with liquid happiness makes dull days instantly cozier. Get your coffee (or tea!) on!


My go-to rainy day activity is curling up with a good book by the fireplace. Whether it’s the latest best-seller, The Bloggess’ gut-busting hilarious memoirs, or my all-time favorite series, Harry Potter, I can literally spendĀ the whole day reading. Reading not only expands the imagination and entertains the mind, it alsoĀ broadens your horizons, makes you smarter, and can even make you more empathetic. Relax with a good book the next time you have some down hours and rejuvenate your soul!

So whether it’s a gray and rainy (or snowy!) day out, or you just need a break from adulting and every day life, there are loads of ways to make your home (and you!) cozy and comfy for a day of R&R. So light a candle, cuddle up under a mountain of blankets and pillows in your best yoga pants and read that book that’s been on your list. You’ll be so glad you did šŸ™‚

What’s your favorite way to beat the winter blues and get cozy?




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