It’s my 3 Year Wedding Anniversary!

wedding anniversary

My hubby, Nate, and I have been officially married for 3 years today πŸ™‚ It’s crazy how time flies! We feel like we’ve known each other forever but at the same time the wedding feels like it was just yesterday. What I do know is that these past 3 years (and really the 5 years that I’ve known Nate) have been the best of my entire life.

Nate is the perfect match for me; he is even more wonderful than I could have even dreamed of myself. His love, compassion, intelligence, drive, morality, and silly streak always keep me coming back for more and I find myself falling more and more for him everyday. Since it’s our wedding anniversary, take a look back on our wedding day 3 years ago today, September 9th, 2011, and see where our magical marriage got it’s start. Enjoy! πŸ™‚


The Details

Our wedding was PP (Pre-Pinterest) so we had to come up with all of the ideas ourselves (whattt, right?)! Nate and I both love to travel, so we had an international spin on our wedding, from the luggage tag programs, the flags hung in the hall, to the postcards we used as our guest book. The colors we used were Aqua (my fave) and Red (Nate’s fave) and I think the combo turned out just fantastically! I also handmade a lot of things to keep costs down, including our cake topper!


Just the Two of Us

Our photographer, Bryce Covey of Bryce Covey Photography was completely amazing. Nate used to live with him in college and he gave us a great deal for our wedding photos. The area we got married in had so many looks in the same vicinity – trees and greenery, golden fields, water views, and gorgeous mountains! We really did pick the perfect spot. Nate was absolutely dashing in his gray suit (and converse with aqua laces!) and I loved my sparkly flats and dress from David’s Bridal! We love taking photos together and it came so naturally to us – we just love being silly and serious together! I definitely cherish all of these photos of us and have several printed out and hung up in our home. It’ll be nice to show them to our kids someday!


Wedding Party Antics

Our wedding party was the best! All of our best friends were there to support us on our special day and just made the whole thing a blast! We all have a silly side so we had fun showing that off and playing around, whether that be faking being pushed off a dock or rocking faux mustaches! I got the convertible aqua dresses off etsy and used red daisies as cost-effective yet punchy bouquets!


I do!

Our wedding ceremony went absolutely perfectly. We timed for it to start right at the beginning of sunset and the weather was phenomenal. We were married at the Everett Yacht club, with the ceremony being on a deck overlooking the water and the marina and the reception just inside the doors. Loved having everything in one place! I walked down the aisle to “Hey Soul Sister” by train and we walked back down the aisle as man and wife to “Good Life” by One Republic. I wasn’t even nervous at all, just so, so excited to be marrying my best friend πŸ™‚


Time to Party!

I’m still convinced that we had one of the best receptions of all time. We had the absolute greatest dance party! One of my friends dj’ed with a playlist I put together and we danced the night away. Two really memorable moments were when Nate’s grandpa (in his 80s!) came out on the dance floor and cut the rug after not having danced in years and when I convinced my sister (a staunch non-dancer) to come out on the floor and rock out to some Backstreet Boys with me. It was such a great party and we left under the glitz of sparklers and the love and smiles of our nearest and dearest.

It was truly the happiest day of my life and I have so many great memories from our wedding, and I think the photos really do capture how amazing it all was. I cherish those memories and hold them close to my heart but above all I now live that love out everyday in my marriage to Nate. I feel we really are the best team, and a better match than either of us ever imagined at the beginning. It gives me such joy to say that I married my best friend and that we get to live our days out together as man and wife. There truly is no sweeter thing in the world πŸ™‚

What was your favorite part about your own wedding day?






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