Free Giraffe Printables

You guys. I’m quirky. And I like quirky things. That may be hard to tell on the blog sometimes, but in reality, I’m a major quirky, goofy, nerd. And I’m proud of it. So there! And as a result, I sometimes like to make cute and quirky things. Like printables. With giraffes on them.

So, without further ado, enjoy my quirky free giraffe printables. These would be perfect in a nursery, in an office, wherever basically! They print out as 8×10’s, but feel free to resize them to whatever you need. Just make them your own and be proud of your own quirky self 🙂


Get the Giraffe Lovers printable PDF by clicking here!



Get the Hip Giraffe printable PDF by clicking here!

I know, I know, pretty awesome. Giraffes always remind me of my mom since they’re her favorite animal 🙂 Anyway, have a fantastic weekend and I’ll see you on the flipside.





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