How to Get the Most Out of Shopping on Wayfair

I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely LOVE Wayfair! And I’m going to wager that you must love it too, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this post! ūüėČ Wayfair is one of the greatest resource for stylish and affordable furniture and home decor – it’s always my go-to spot when I need something for my home! It’s super easy to just click ‘add to cart’ and away you go! But did you know there are so many other AMAZING features that will make your Wayfair experience that much greater? I’ve picked 7 of my favorite features and services Wayfair has to offer – utilize these and you’ll never be sorry!


I was not¬†compensated or sponsored by Wayfair¬†for this post in any way – I just love Wayfair and want to share some tips and tricks that I’ve learned!

1. The Wayfair Email List


Become an email subscriber, stat! ¬†Simply input your email address and BAM! great content and information sent straight to your inbox. These emails let you know about trends, decor themed around certain styles (classic, modern, nautical, international flair, you name it!) and¬†what the hot daily deals are. You definitely don’t want to miss out!

2. Daily Deals


Speaking of Wayfair emails letting you know about Daily Deals, don’t forget to go and check them out! Get hundreds of designer style pieces, everything from furniture to home decor accents and linens, right at your finger tips for a fraction of the cost. I’m always so amazed at what awesome pieces I can find in the Daily Deals section; I got a King Sized Bed Quilt for only 20 bucks! Just don’t wait too long – you’ve gotta jump on those deals before they expire!

3. Room Inspiration


Looking to makeover a room in your home but don’t know where to start? Wayfair has a handy feature at the top of the page that looks like a lightbulb and is titled ‘Get Inspired.’ Hover over the icon and click on ‘Browse Photos’ from the menu that pops up. From there you can either search for inspiration by type of room (bedroom, kitchen, etc) or you can go by your style (Contemporary, Rustic, Coastal, etc). After that, just soak in all of the beautiful inspirational goodness! They even go so far as to list the paint colors AND match the pieces in the photos to pieces they have for sale so you can really just click and go to recreate any look you want!

4. Idea Boards



Once you’ve oogled and swooned over all the beautiful inspiration, but aren’t ready to buy yet (maybe you need to run some design choices by your significant other first?)¬†, save those beautiful photos to an Idea Board. Just click the heart at the top of the page with the title ‘Idea Boards.’ Much like a Pinterest, you can create any sort of board and you can add your favorite photos with the click of a button. Once added, you can add notes and compare your favorites! This is a great way to stay organized and keep both inspiration photos and Wayfair products in mind! You can even share the board with others (hint hint for anniversaries or birthdays, hubby!) via email or link.

5. Ideas and Advice Section


The Ideas and Advice section is a FANATASTIC place to get even more inspiration and how-to’s. Get there by hovering over the lightbulb like you did for room inspiration up in tip number 3 and hitting ‘Get Inspired.’ You can find articles about trends to try, DIY projects and crafts for all skill levels, and even delicious recipes! Easily find what you are looking for by searching the various categories and learn something new!

6. Trade and Premier Programs


If you are a designer, business owner or supplier, there are¬†two different programs for you! Get exclusive discounts and personalized service to help your business grow! You can learn about the Trade program by clicking here¬†and the Premier program by clicking here. Even if you aren’t a designer or business owner, you can still reap the benefits – if you refer a legitimate designer to Wayfair you could get $100 off on your next order!

7. The App


Download the Wayfair app on your iPhone or Android and get all of the above listed perks right on your phone! Browse the Daily Deals when you wake up, check out some Room Inspiration in your spare time, and save items to your Idea Boards while waiting for the bus. I love having Wayfair handy for when I want to show a friend my latest obsession or for ordering products on the fly. Always be up to date on all things Wayfair with it all in the palm of your hand!

So the next time you’re on (or the app!) be sure to check out all of the great services and features that they have to offer. It will make your Wayfair experience so much richer.

Do you ever shop at Wayfair?




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