Guest Post with Dwell Beautiful


Do you want more exposure for your blog? Have a great idea for a post that you’d love to share with our readers? Then submit a DIY project, craft tutorial, interior design trend, round-up or recipe idea to Dwell Beautiful! We’d love to have you! 🙂


All guest posts must:

  1. Be an original idea that you create or make yourself. It can be an old post of yours, but it must be extensively re-written to keep the Google bots happy 🙂
  2. Be professionally written and easy to understand with at least 300 words.
  3. Include high quality, large, clear graphics, sized 700 pixels at the widest or longest. You must also include a pinnable image with text/graphics that expresses what your post is about.We will only accept photos or graphics you’ve created yourself, unless in the case of a round-up, where you must properly credit and link back to all images used.


We love guest posters and we want to make sure that this is worth your time! To thank you for your contribution, Dwell Beautiful will:

  1. Include a photo of you or your blog logo, a 2-3 sentence bio with links to your social media at the end of your post.
  2. Share your guest post with links to you across all social media platforms the day the post goes live.
  3. You are welcome to share the guest post with others on all social media platforms.
  4. You can re-post your guest post on your own blog after 3 months, provided that you heavily edit the first 150 words, again, to keep the Google bots happy 🙂

What do I do now?

To submit an idea for guest post, please write to us at to be considered! Please include the following in your email:

  1. A brief description of your idea or post
  2. Links to 2-3 examples of original posts with photos that you’ve written
  3. A link to your blog
  4. An e-mail address where we can contact you

Thanks so much for applying and we can’t wait to hear from you!!