West Elm Master Bedroom Style Board and Source List

One of the rooms I’m most excited to makeover in our new house is our master bedroom. I feel like for most people, the bedroom is what gets the shaft because it isn’t usually seen by guests or anyone else. But for me, the bedroom is a retreat, a place I want to spend time and relax in. It’s where I do my morning devotions and snuggle with my husband and pets. It’s where hubby and I sometimes watch movies and eat popcorn. It’s where I go when the world seems like just too much to handle. So I’m saying give the bedroom some TLC and attention!

West Elm Master Bedroom Style Board and Source List

I’m trying to go for a more modern bohemian look when it comes to our new house. It’s classic, it’s comfortable, it’s stylish, and feels oh so homey! Before we get to my style board and source list, check out where we are starting (these are snapshots from the virtual tour on the house listing and has the previous owners furniture):

West Elm Master Bedroom Style Board and Source List

West Elm Master Bedroom Style Board and Source List

It’s a decent sized room without all that big clunky furniture and it’s already painted a nice neutral color and has some pretty crown molding. You can see the room empty by checking out my new house tour HERE. I want this space to exude comfort, style, and coziness. Check out my style board below to check out my inspiration! The cool part is that all of the items you see below come from one great place – west elm! This post isn’t sponsored by west elm in any way – I just love their pieces and wanted to challenge myself and see if I could design a room only using one store. Take a look below 😀

West Elm Master Bedroom Style Board and Source List

I wanted to start off with layering a fuzzy Moroccan shag rug that will be nice and cozy on the tootsies come winter months. I think my favorite part of this space is the bedframe – it’s so minimal, but I just love the lines, materials, and colors. I can already picture myself leaning up against the plush headboard and reading a book 🙂 Of course, I have to replace the horrid boob light and this elegant yet modern sputnik-style gold pendant/chandelier is the perfect replacement. I mirrored the gold in the inlaid nightstands as well as the standing lamps. To keep things feeling cozy and rustic, I added warm wood like the floating shelves (which will also keep things feeling neat) and the plant stand. Texture is also crucial to have in a bedroom space for comfort and for visual interest, so a grass basket for blankets and a woven wall tapestry are the perfect touches. I chose a minimal painting on purpose as it blends well into the design and inspires peace and tranquility.

It’s the picture perfect master bedroom, no? If you love this bedroom and want to see the source list (which lists out each item, it’s price, how many you’ll need, and the URL to the product, as well as a final cost estimate including shipping and handling) then click on the link below to download your very own PDF!

Click HERE for your West Elm Bedroom Source List!

If you don’t want to download the source list, you can also check out each item by clicking any of the pictures below!

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Do you love this modern bohemian bedroom as much as me?



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