Style Trend: Geometric Decor

Geometry is for far more than just middle school math class – it’s rapidly becoming one of the hottest trends in home decor! I honestly haven’t thought about squares, triangles, and hexagons in a long time, but now that I’m seeing them as patterns for pillows and blankets and as form shapes in home decor, I’ll admit that I’m falling in love! This could end up being a serious love affair, people.

geometric decor

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Geometric decor best fits those whose design preferences are more mid-century, modern, or quirky. This type of decor isn’t for the faint of heart! Geometric patterns are bold and often bright, and should be used in small doses or as focal points so as not to overwhelm the space. Think chic/hip accent and not math class overload. By using squares or hexagons or whatever shape you can think of and repeating it, you add visual interest and texture to your design. Geometric decor is energizing and great for those who want to mix it up and add a bit of fun to any room in their home. I particularly love the use of geometric patterns in wall art, as shapes for things like tables and chairs, and as a painted focal wall!

Take a look below at some great geometric decor pieces and how to get the look in your own home!

Geometric Decor – Textiles

Adding textiles like rugs, pillows, and blankets with bold patterns is a great and easy way to add a splash of geometry to your design. Seeing as this is a hot trend right now, it is super easy to find textiles with these eye-popping patterns. I particularly love the black and white rug – it’s so simple, yet makes a big statement. If you can’t find a pillow or blanket with a pattern you like, make it! Places like Joann’s and have great choices for fabrics that you can quickly whip up into your own pillowcase or quilt.

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Geometric Decor – Wall Design

If you have a bit of time and patience on your hands, painting a geometric design on a wall in your home can create a great focal point and conversation starter. All you need is a bit of painter’s tape, some paint in the color of your choice, and an idea of the pattern you want to create! Lay down strips of tape and paint away to instantly make your very own geometric print wall. There are also a lot of wallpaper options with hip geo patterns available, if you want a more complicated design. To get the look of the hexagon wall behind the computer, cut shapes out of foam core board and attach to the wall for a cool 3D effect!

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Geometric Decor – Furniture

Now, geometric furniture is something that is really unique and makes for a great statement. Look for pieces with hard, straight lines and out of the norm shapes, such as hexagons or trapezoids. These pieces are probably things you would have to buy over making, unless you are handy with a saw and nails, that is! Add a funky piece or two to any room or your home to give off a modern and clean vibe.

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Geometric Decor- Decorations and Lighting

Some of my favorite pieces when it comes to geo decor is lighting and decorations. Hexagonal pendant lights and lamps are sweeping the scene and definitely add visual interest. Triangles and other shapes are also being heavily featured on everything from dinnerware to garden planters. These types of items are usually low-cost options for those on a budget who still want to spice up their space. I’m absolutely in love with terrarium below – will someone buy one for me?!

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Geometric Decor – Wall Art

I have a passionate love affair with wall art – I just can’t get enough! Making it, buying it, hanging it up; I absolutely adore it! If you want to add geometric flair to your home, this is one of the easiest ways to do so. Similar with the focal wall, simply use tape to section off a piece of paper and paint the resulting shapes in your fave hues! These types of designs are also easily repeatable in computer programs that can be printed out for a fun art print look.

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Are you a part of the geometric decor fan club? What are some of your favorite ways to invite these fun and funky shapes into your design?




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