Silhouette Creator’s Challenge: DIY Utensils Holder

Well, it’s been an… interesting week, to say the least. I’m not going to get political on this website, because I think the world deserves a little happiness where you can dwell beautifully and not focus on negative things for a little while. What is positive right now? The holidays are coming up! I can’t wait for the Friendsgiving we are celebrating on Sunday and then actual Thanksgiving in a couple weeks. The dining table is a great place to gather with loved ones and celebrate everything you’re thankful for. In honor of holiday meals, this month’s Silhouette Creator’s Challenge is all about dining-related items!

The Silhouette Creators Challenge - Dining Challenge

Previous challenges include: Harry Potter t-shirt,  British phone booth art,  Coldplay lyric tote bagcrochet hook storage boxbeach finds treasure bag, pumpkin spice tea towel, and a Hello Fall mason jar vase, so be sure to check ’em out after you read about my DIY utensils holder below!

DIY Utensils Holder Materials

DIY Utensil Holder

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– Metal canister

Silhouette CAMEO

White adhesive vinyl

Scraper tool

Transfer tape

Step 1

DIY Utensils Holder

Open up this design in your Silhouette Studio software and size it to fit your canister. Using a font of your choice, type out the word “UTENSILS” and place it in the middle of your design. Once you have everything sized properly, head on over to the cut menu and set your settings for adhesive vinyl!

Step 2

DIY Utensils Holder

Insert your vinyl into your CAMEO and hit “Load Media”. Back in your software, hit “Send to Silhouette” and watch it cut away!

Step 3

DIY Utensils Holder

Remove your vinyl from the Silhouette machine and weed out your design – easy peasy!

Step 4

DIY Utensils Holder

Using transfer tape and a scraper tool, move your design over to your metal canister and smooth down. Peel back the transfer tape and you have a beautiful DIY utensils holder all ready to go! 🙂

DIY Utensils Holder

DIY Utensils Holder

This kind of DIY utensils holder is great for keeping all your forks, spoons, and knives handy at the dinner table or if you’re having a backyard picnic. I decided to keep my on the lazy susan we keep in the middle of our dining room table so we can grab whatever cutlery we need without going back to the drawer!

DIY Utensils Holder

DIY Utensils Holder

I love how all of my silverware fits neatly inside. I could even switch out my metal cutlery for plastic ones and bring this canister out to a barbeque or family event. Easy peasy!

DIY Utensils Holder

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DIY Utensils Holder

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