Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Have you guys gotten any snow where you live? We got a good 3 inches that’s stuck around all week! Finally starting to get a bit warmer now, so there will be less of me scraping my car windows and pouring warm water in the door so I can get in the vehicle. My car’s heat is broken, so that means no defrost, and no defrost means you have to scrape the inside of your car windows and then drive with your head out the window when everything fogs up. Definitely looking forward to less freezy temperatures! As much as I grumble and complain when I have to go somewhere in the snow, I actually really do love it. I posted a snowflake garland earlier this week and I’m continuing the trend with these super easy popsicle stick snowflakes!

Popsicle Stick Snowflake Materials

popsicle stick snowflake

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Popsicle sticks

Hot glue gun

– Spray paint, glitter, etc (I used Glitter Blast spray)

– Something for hanging (hook, string, etc.)


So I’m a lame-o and for some reason didn’t take pictures as I was actually constructing my snowflakes. Probably because a.) I was doing them at a friend’s house and b.) You’ve got to be quick with the hot glue so there’s not a lot of time to pick up the camera as you’re working. So I apologize! All I basically did was look at this picture that I found on usefulDIY.com and recreated the snowflakes by looking at their pictures.

After I constructed my popsicle stick snowflakes, I used some Krylon ‘Glitter Blast’ spray. I thought it would cover more than it did. In hindsight I should have painted my snowflakes white or something to have the glitter pop more (and the back of the can suggests the same thing. Oops). But I also kind of like the natural wood – it feels very Scandinavian-y 🙂 If you’re in person or you look closely you can see it shimmer and sparkle:

popsicle stick snowflakes

Here are the 4 different snowflake patterns I did. I achieved these by hot gluing the popsicle sticks on top of one another. It’s a very free-flowing method – I mean, every snowflake is unique, so feel free to just come up with whatever!

I decided to hang these flakes on the side of the front of my house, which is a big space that you see coming up to the front door. While they look like they are hard to see in these pictures, they actually pop quite nicely and add some winter fun to my walkway!

popsicle stick snowflakes

popsicle stick snowflakes

popsicle stick snowflakes

popsicle stick snowflakes

And do you guys remember my fall wreath? Well I just switched out the ribbon for a more sparkly version and left it up for the Christmas season! I just love when things are multi-purpose like that 😉

popsicle stick snowflakes


Do you wanna build a snowmaaaannn?





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