Outdoor Space Makeovers Round-Up

outdoor space makeovers

Thurrssssdayyy. Hey Thursday. You’re not Friday, but I guess I’ll take you. What are all of you up today out there in blogland? I’m getting my final fitting done in a couple hours for my bridesmaid’s dress for my sister’s wedding that’s coming up on August 2nd! It’s full length, one strap, rich purpley goodness! I’ll have to show you guys a picture from the big day! One of the many things I find awesome about my sister’s upcoming wedding is that her and her beau are tying the knot in a family friend’s big beautiful backyard that sits on the shore of a lake. Welll, pond. It’s called a lake but it’s really more pond-ish. But how cool is that? They are going to completely transform the space with handmade decorations, twinkling lights and other romantic touches – I’m so excited!

Thinking about the transformation that my sister’s wedding venue is going to undergo has had me thinking about outdoor space makeovers – backyard makeovers, patio and porch makeovers, even door makeovers! I really am in love with the idea of making an outdoor space an extension of our home interiors, so I decided to round up a few of my favorite outdoor space makeovers! Check ’em out and be amazed 🙂 If you decide to pin, please click through to the original source so these fantastic bloggers get their credit!


outdoor space makeovers{Hymns & Verses}


outdoor space makeovers{Meet the B’s}


outdoor space makeovers{Laura’s Crafty Life}


outdoor space makeover{making it in the mountains}


outdoor space makeovers{Addison Meadows Lane}


outdoor space Makeovers{The Bajan Texan}


outdoor space makeovers{Tiny Sidekick}


outdoor space makeovers{Operation Home}


outdoor space makeovers{Kenarry}


outdoor space makeovers{Pistachio Road}


outdoor space makeovers{Average but Inspired}


outdoor space makoevers{My Anything & Everything}


outdoor space makeovers{Liz Marie Blog}


Which outdoor makeover is your favorite? Have you done a makeover to a patio or porch recently? I’d love to feature and share it on social media for you!






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