Monthly DIY Challenge: Dollar Store Magnetic Scrabble Board

It’s that time of month again, friends! It’s time for the Monthly DIY challenge! In case you’re new, here’s the scoop: On the 2nd Wednesday of every month, me and my bloggy friends get together and create something based on a common material or idea that everyone uses. The end results are so unique and fantastic! So far we’ve done Michaels crates, pumpkins, wood slicesclear ornamentsorganizational solutions, and plumbing pieces. This month we decided to hit up the dollar store and see what we could create using any materials we could find there. It was super fun to get creative and it was great to make something cool on such a small budget!

monthly diy challenge

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Whenever I hit up my local Dollar Tree, it’s always fun to go up and down every aisle. When everything is literally a dollar, the possibilities are endless! I hit the cookware aisle and a shiny metal baking tray caught my eye. I had some old scrabble tiles at home that I had been meaning to use, and when I saw the baking tray I knew it would be perfect for making a DIY hanging magnetic scrabble board! And be sure to stick around to the end of the post to see all my friends’ fantastic dollar store creations!

Magnetic Scrabble Board Materials

magnetic scrabble board

– Baking tray

Chalkboard paint (spray or regular)

Spray paint in desired color

Magnetic strips

Scrabble pieces


Hot glue gun

Canvas drawstring bags


Step 1

magnetic scrabble board

Cut your magnetic strips into squares, peel off the backing and then adhere them to the back of your scrabble tiles. I had this old Scrabble game that I got from my dad, but sometimes you can find these games for cheap at dollar stores or garage sales.

Step 2

magnetic scrabble board

Tape off the edges of the baking tray. I like to use washi tape since it peels off easily! Make sure you get a nice, crisp line around the edge of the tray. Spray paint (or use a brush and regular paint) your baking tray with chalkboard paint and wait for it to dry. Do another coat if necessary! Once you’re finished it’ll look more or less like this:

magnetic scrabble board

Step 3
magnetic scrabble board

Once your chalkboard paint is dry, cover the surface of the baking tray up with some paper and then carefully tape around the edges, again making a nice crisp line. Take another color of spray paint (I chose gold) and spray the edges of the baking tray. Once I finished my tray looked like this:

magnetic scrabble board

Step 4

magnetic scrabble board

Once all the paint is dry, remove the paper and tape. It’s then time to season the chalkboard! Rub the flat side of a piece of chalk over the entirety of the tray and then blend it in using your fingertips.

Step 5

magnetic scrabble board

Flip your baking tray over and use a hot glue gun to attach a loo of ribbon to the top. Take your canvas drawstring bags and attach them to the bottom of your tray either with hot glue or tape. I opted for tape so I could remove them in the future. These baggies are great to keep the extra pieces in and so you can separate the tiles out between the players during a game!

Et voilà a finished magnetic scrabble board from a dollar store baking tray!

magnetic scrabble board

I think this magnetic scrabble board makes for some cute and quirky home decor! It’s hanging in a high traffic hallway in our home so my husband and I can have an ongoing game or leave messages for each other. This scrabble board would also work great as a travel set to keep kids entertained in the car for either drawing or playing a game with a sibling. The little baggies can hold either chalk or the magnetic game pieces!

magnetic scrabble board

magnetic scrabble board

magnetic scrabble board

magnetic scrabble board

Now check out all of the other fabulous dollar store creations from my friends! Click on a picture below to be taken to their posts. You won’t want to miss out. Seriously! These are genius ideas!






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