Modern Girl Must Haves: June

Hey gang, I’m finalllyyyyy back in the land of the living. And I mean that almost literally – all last week I felt like death battling a pretty nasty bacterial throat infection. It was seriously the sickest I’ve ever been in my life and I felt like a zombie, but a zombie who could also feel intense fever, aches, chills, and pain. Zombies don’t usually feel those things, right? Anyway, the short of it is I spent the week huddling in bed and trying not to die/freakout/cry while my amazing husband took care of me. Seriously, he’s the best thing in the entire world, you guys. All that to say I am now back and I’ve got my June Modern Girl Must-Haves ready for you!

Modern Girl Must Haves - June

If you’re new, last month I started a monthly series I’ve dubbed Modern Girl Must-Haves where I share 5 of my current favorite items. They can be things I’m using, wearing, reading, etc – nothing is off limits! This isn’t a sponsored posts, just real honest opinions about real things I use and love.

To check out my top 5 Modern Girl Must-Haves for June, check out my curated lookbook below – just click the arrows on the sides to check out each product! 🙂 Let me know what you think of this month’s picks in the comments!

*Note: Dwell Beautiful uses affiliate links – if you make a purchase from one of these links, there is no extra cost to you and you get to help keep Dwell Beautiful running! I call that a win-win. Read my full disclosure policy HERE.*
  1. Mimira Navy and Gold Mug from Anthropologie – Like most people in the world, I start my day off with a cup (0r 2) of coffee or tea. It gets me going , helps set my mood for the day, and gives me a little time to wake up before I tackle my to-do list. This pretty mug is just absolutely swoon-worthy. I love the navy and gold flecks paired together! I’ve owned several mugs from Anthropologie and I’ve always loved each one – not only are they made to last, but they are super affordable, too!
  2. Matte Marble Macbook Case from Amazon – I get a new laptop case once every year or so as the old one cracks or gets too dirty. The past couple times I’ve gotten aqua or mint colors, but this time I mixed it up and got a marble pattern. Let me tell you, I think it’s my favorite laptop case yet and I get SO many compliments on it! I love the sophisticated and classy look and the matte rubber is buttery soft but still easy to grip.
  3. Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire from Hayneedle – I got this jewelry armoire last year from Hayneedle and I just love it! I like having a streamlined look in the bedroom so the fact that this keeps all my baubles out of site is a real plus. There’s room for everything – necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings; you name it. In addition, I love the rusticy wood finish and that it has a little key! Totally old world charm and fits in with tons of design styles – they even have different colors!
  4. Lavender Bath & Body Collection from World Market – Lavender is one of my favorite scents on the entire planet. It’s just so calming and reassuring and peaceful. So when I saw my local World Market had the soap and lotion on sale – I just had to pick them up! The soap cleans really well and leaves a nice scent and the lotion is perfect for helping dry skin without leaving an icky residue. I love putting it on before bed so I can have sweet dreams – lavender is supposed to help promote good sleep!
  5. Rainbow Leather Sandals in Dark Brown from Tactics – Summer is here (or mostly here – there are still frequently cloudy/rainy days in Seattle unfortunately) and on those days where it does chance to be nice, I can’t go out without my Rainbows! These sandals have lasted me the past 3 (or more) years without breaking – now that’s saying something! Since they are leather they age over time and form to your feet for the perfect fit. For me summer always = flippy floppies!

If the slider didn’t work above, take a peek at each of my fave products below! Click on a pic to find out more about each of this month’s faves or if you’ve decided you just have to have it and want to buy it this instant 🙂

Stay tuned until the next Modern Girl Must-Haves installment in July! It may be more personal products, or it could be things like furniture, home decor, a subscription, or clothing. You just neva know what I’m gonna pick! 😉

What’s your top must-have this month?



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