Modern Girl Must-Haves: July

Hey friends and welcome to this month’s installment of Modern Girl Must-Haves! Summer is finally picking up and is in full swing here in the PNW – we’ve actually had more sunny days the cloudy ones – what a novelty! I’ve been enjoying some lazy afternoons hanging with the hubby and the pets – going to the beach, getting ice cream, and generally just taking it easy while the weather cooperates! Do any of you have awesome fun plans for the summer? Keep reading below to see if one of my picks this month might help you to have an even MORE awesome summer than you’re having right now!

Modern Girl Must Haves: July

If you’re new, I’ve recently started a monthly series I’ve decided to call Modern Girl Must-Haves where I share 5 of my current favorite things. They can be things I’m using, wearing, reading, etc – nothing is off limits! This isn’t a sponsored posts, just real honest opinions about real things I use and love.

To check out my top 5 Modern Girl Must-Haves for July, check out the lookbook below – just click the arrows on the sides to check out each of my fave things this month! 🙂 Let me know what you think of this month’s picks in the comments!

*Note: Dwell Beautiful uses affiliate links – if you make a purchase from one of these links, there is no extra cost to you and you get to help keep Dwell Beautiful running! I call that a win-win. Read my full disclosure policy HERE.*
  1. Weaving Loom Starter’s Kit from Funem Studio – Now this first one is a bit confusing. Yes, I’ve shown you a picture of a beautiful weaving. But that’s not my pick for this month. My true pick is this weaving loom that I picked up from Funem Studio on Etsy (my affiliate linking program wouldn’t pull the proper picture so I had to put another one in it’s place). The loom really looks like this: I’ve recently started making my own woven wall hangings (like the one in the picture above) with this loom and some beginner’s tutorials from Hello Hydrangea! This is my new favorite hobby that I might turn into something more! 🙂
  2. Paper Star Lamp from Fireworks – My hubby gets me one of these beautiful paper star lamps in a different color every year or so. I’ve got a collection of 4 now and I just love the pretty ambiance they give off! In our new house I’ve decided to group them all together in the corner of our theatre media room for a fun display that provides some nice mood lighting when it comes to watch movies 🙂
  3. Bronze Table Fan from Wayfair – It’s finallyyyyy starting to heat up over here in the PNW and that has made for some hot days! We have an AC unit in the bedroom, but it’s also nice to have a trusty fan that you can move with you from room to room. Added bonus: this one is also stylish and oh-so-pretty with a bronze copper finish!
  4. Mason Jar Mugs from Bed Bath & Beyond – Are mason jars like soooo 2010?? I’m not sure where they stand in the trend world anymore, but we still have a couple of faithful mason jar mugs that we love using for refreshing drinks and mixed cocktails on sunny summer days. I love the size, the handle, and the pretty colors that they come in. Add a paper straw for some extra fun!
  5. Fitted Crew-Neck Tee Dresses from Old Navy –  Old Navy is having some INSANE sales right now so I snatched up several of these dresses on clearance this past week! I especially love how they are fitted and just look oh-so comfy – I got one in almost every color! The great news is that the clearance sale is also online so you can order from the comfort of your own home! I can’t wait to get these and wear them allll summmerrr.

If the slider didn’t work above, take a peek at each of my fave products below! Click on a pic to find out more about each of this month’s faves or if you’ve decided you just have to have it and want to buy it this instant 🙂

Stay tuned until the next Modern Girl Must-Haves installment for August! It may be more personal products, or it could be things like furniture, home decor, a subscription, or clothing. You just neva know what I’m gonna pick! 😉

What’s your top must-have this month?




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