Modern Girl Must-Haves for Fall

Fall officially arrived a couple of days ago, and let me tell you, I couldn’t be more excited! You see, fall is my season. I look forward to it every year! I was built for sweaters and scarves, hot tea by a warm fireside, crunchy leaves, and crisp autumn air. I live for it, I breathe it! Okay, it might sound like I’m a little obsessive, but I really do love this season. In honor of that love, I’m here to show you my top modern must haves for fall. Read on!

must-haves for fall

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These must haves for fall are all products I love and use on a daily (or near daily!) basis. Check out the lookbook below to see my top picks, by clicking the arrows on either side of the image, then read on ahead to see what I love these products! They seriously are perfect for fall, y’all 😉

  1. Dress from Old Navy – I basically live in this dress now. I picked it up from Old Navy a couple weeks ago and it’s just perfect for fall. It’s a really thick, almost woolen material, so it’s super warm. Since I’m shorter it goes to about my knees or a little below. I love the way it looks paired with some black leggings, brown boots, and a plaid blanket scarf! Oh so cozy 🙂
  2. Kate Spade Tea Kettle – Fall means teatime. I’ve gotta have my tea! (Though in moderation of course because of pregnancy caffeine limits). I found this Kate Spade Tea Kettle on sale at Macy’s one day and just had to have it. It’s adorable, has an included little hotpad that slips over the handle so you can avoid burns, and it says “whistle while you work” on the spout – how cute is that?? Bring on the tea!
  3. Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas – I started up this series last week and I’m already on book 2! It’s a fun series with a badass heroine, that’s part Game of Thrones, part Hunger Games, and part a Discovery of Witches. They are pretty quick reads, and you can find them in the teen fantasy section of your local bookstore. The series is pretty long, so I’m excited to see what happens next! Curl up by the fire with this series!
  4. Moleskine Notebook – I don’t go anywhere without my Moleskine! I always keep it in the front pocket of my purse and whip it out whenever I need a place to jot something down. I know there are apps on your phone for that, but there’s just something about handwriting things that appeals to me. In my Moleskine you can find to-do lists, prayer requests, story ideas for my novel that I hope to write one day, doodles, and so much more. It’s the catchall for my brain! Nothing better than doodling in my notebook at a coffee shop on a brisk fall day.
  5. EOS Lipbalm in Grapefruit – EOS lipbalms are my new fave chapstick. Sure, the round shape is a little bulky and doesn’t fit easily in a pocket, but man, they have some of the most delectable ‘flavors’! My most recent fave is grapefruit – it reminds me of those crystallized gummy grapefruit triangle candies (which I love), it goes on smooth, stays on, and keeps my lips soft and kissable 😉 Perfect for keeping fall and winter chapping at bay!

And those are my top picks for fall! If for some reason you can’t flip through the lookbook above, feel free to click on one of the product images below to get a better look!

What’s your modern girl must-have for fall?




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