How to use Metallic Accents in your Home

Metallic accents are all the rage these days, from shiny gold metal bookcases to silver pendant lights to little quirky copper figurines. Metallic accents are a great addition to any home decor – they add a bit of glam and spice, and are great attention drawers and conversation starters.

metallic accents

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Whether gold is your thing, or a nice rosey copper, guaranteed there are pieces out there that will match your style. I’ve found some really awesome accent pieces and separated them into different categories. Take a gander and see which metallic accents strike your fancy!

Metallic Accents – Glam it Up Gold

I am in love with all things gold. “All that glitters isn’t gold,” but man, gold does glitter.  Gold metallic accents are a great and poppy statement to add to any room. A great combo for a sophisticated and modern look is combining gold with sharp and bold geometric patterns, as seen in the coffee table and the room divider. And isn’t that bar cart divine? I can just picture that sitting prettily in my living room, just waiting for some spirits and crystal glasses.

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Metallic Accents – Saucy Silver

Silver is an extremely versatile metal that can be either glammed up or played down, and comes in a range of finishes. Silver metallic accents can be aged and matted like the mirrored side table, or can be extremely sparkly like the glass lamp bass. Either look is a win. These types of silver metallic objects have an air of sophistication and don’t overrun the show in your design, but rather complement other decor options with a hint of shine and sparkle.

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Metallic Accents – Contemporary Copper

Copper is a less used, and in my opinion, underrated metal. It comes in a lovely array of colors, from fine rosey copper to shiny brassy to aged dull bronze. Copper metallic accents pack a punch of interesting and eye-catching flair, particularly because it is so under-used. Those little succulent planters are to die for – so teeny and precious, but a beautiful shine to brighten up your kitchen garden. And I just really love succulents. Copper can look industrial or playful, masculine, or feminine.

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The great thing about metallic accents? You can make practically anything gold, copper, or silver! If you see a look you like, but don’t like the price tag, consider making a copycat version. The metallic effect can easily be achieved with some quality metallic spray paint – I like Rust-Oleum’s copper, silver and gold. Spray a few light coats on any home decor object of your choice, and voilà! Beautiful and cost effective metallic accents for you home.

Another post coming soon of how I personally use metallic accents in my own home!

Do you love metallic accents? Think it’s a passing fad or here to stay? Sound off in the comments below!




  • Marty Rae's of Lexington says:

    Metallic is here to stay! But maybe tone it down if you are incorporating it into your existing design… add metallic decor accents or one metallic side table, there is no need to saturate your home with one design element.

  • Annette Schaefer says:

    Hi, I am thinking about painting my bathroom counter top with the metallic paint and then putting on the clear coat. Has anyone tried this? Do you think it would worK?

    • Erica Sooter says:

      Hi Annette, and thanks for your comment! I haven’t tried this and haven’t heard of anyone who has, but it sounds like a really cool idea! As long as you got a really strong top coat, I think that it could work. I would ask your local Home Depot or Lowes paint specialist to see what kind of top coat you would need! Happy DIYing and let me know how it turns out! 🙂

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