Master Closet Makeover

You guys, I don’t know if it’s just because it’s a new year, or what, but I’ve been so motivated to get some bigger projects done around the house that I’ve been meaning to do for ages! It started off with my chalkboard wall and now I’m moving on to another much-needed project – my master closet makeover! I got an extra boost of motivation when asked me if I would like to be a part of their Conquer Your Closet Campaign and of course I said heck yes! It was just the push I needed to get my rear in gear. Check out my closet transformation below – I’m tickled pink with how it turned out and I basically could just sit and hang out in there all day. Seriously.

master closet makeover

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Let’s take a look at where I started with some ‘Before’ pictures – who doesn’t love a good ‘before’ picture? AmIright?

master closet makeover

This is where we initially started when we moved into our house. Note the unnecessary wallpapered divider on the left, the wooden dowel that’s about to break from the weight of our clothes, and the old coffee table that we used to store our shoes. Yes, I’m super resourceful like that. Over time, we got rid of that coffee table and got a proper shoe holder from Ikea, but everything else remained basically the same. Here’s where I started the week before my husband and I tackled this project:

It was a really tight, cramped space due to their being clothes racks on either side, as well as a shoddily constructed divider that the previous owners had put in and covered with yellow striped wallpaper. Why. Oh. Why. There were lots of holes in the wall, my extra bags and purses were a mess, and all our hangers were the crappy plastic mismatched kind. Neato. And the crazy thing is is that we have to walk through the master closet to get to our master bathroom. There is no closet door of any kind and I can see it from my bed, taunting me every. single. day. Time to switch it UP!

We started by removing the warped clothes dowels and putting all our clothes on the bed which looked like this:

master closet makeover

You literally couldn’t see our duvet. We also took this time to get rid of clothes we hadn’t worn in ages and donated them to the Goodwill! Next we worked on finding where the studs in the wall were, so we knew how long our clothes rods could be. Here’s a good stud finder.

master closet makeover

It turns out that the closest stud to that window is right about where my husband’s hand is, which left about a good foot of space between the window and where the clothes would go. The other stud was right at the corner of the wall, which was about 3 feet exactly.

More demolition! Hubby and I unscrewed/hammered/punched the shoddy divider and got it the heck out of that closet. Good riddance yellow-wallpapered nuisance! Once we had demo-ed and remove most of the existing hardware/wallpaper/random half sections of beadboard we were left with this:

master closet makeover

Apparently this closet was once painted sage green, according to the gap in the baseboard and they didn’t like finishing things like baseboards or anything like that… Argh. The closet was actually so much bigger once everything was out! And the lighting was so much better now that my clothes weren’t blocking the window and the divider wasn’t blocking the ceiling light.

I knew I wanted a modern/clean look, so we ran to Lowe’s and picked up some metal piping to serve as our clothes hanging apparatus. We knew we needed 3 foot pipe, and luckily Lowe’s had some pieces already that size so we didn’t have to get anything cut! Big relief. In addition to two 3 foot pipes in a 3/4″ width, we picked up some of these:

master closet makeover

– (4) Galvanized Floor Flanges in 3/4″

– (4) Galvanized 90 degree Elbows in 3/4″

– (4) Galvanized Steel Pipe Nipples in 3/4″ width and 10″ length

The important thing to remember is to make sure all the widths match up properly – otherwise they won’t screw in together right! Also, why do those little pipes have to be called ‘nipples’?? Weird. But I digress.

All the pieces were a bit greasy when we brought them home and I didn’t want that transferring to our clothes, so I wiped down each pipe and piece with some Goo Gone, then with soapy wet paper towel, and then with a dry paper towel. Voila! Clean, shiny, non-greasy pipe. We put each bar together then screwed them into the wall. I served as the bar-holder-upper while my husband used the electric screwdriver. Man, it gave my arms a workout!

master closet makeover

After we had screwed the top bar in, we hung a couple of my husband’s longest shirts on it to see where we should place the second bar beneath it. After more bar holding, leveling and attaching later, we were left with two beautiful modern industrial clothes bars!

master closet makeover

They may look short here, but 3 feet each was more than enough to hold all our clothes! And remember that weird 1 foot of space between the window and the clothes bars? I added two little knobs that I had bought at Anthropologie ages ago, though I also totally love these hooks from Wayfair, as a place to hang scarves or jewelry or whatever have you!

master closet makeover

My husband spackled the leftover holes and I did some paint touch-ups and then it was time to bring everything back into the closet and finish it off with some decor and details! Are you guys ready to see the end result?

*drumroll, please*

master closet makeover

Ta-da! Our brand new, beautiful, gorgeous, light, functional, amazing, master closet makeover! It seriously feels so grown-up and light and airy in here. A drastic change from what it was previously! Let’s explore a little more, shall we?

We switched out all our crappy plastic hangers for beautiful wood ones. The wood hangers combined with the metal piping makes this place feel like an upscale boutique! Now it’s like shopping whenever I go to put something on πŸ™‚ And I love that I can set my jewelry or accessories out the night before on those two little knobs. Less rushing around in the morning trying to coordinate!

master closet makeover

This shoe cabinet has been a real life saver in keeping all of our shoes organized! Here’s a similiar one at! It’s so great to have all of our shoes out of the way so we aren’t tripping over them in the morning.

master closet makeover

You might recognize these baskets from my last Wayfair post about Holiday Entertaining – I loved them so much that I just HAD to buy them for our master closet makeover. I used three of them to hold belts, hats, and scarves. It keeps them organized and now I know where things are when I need them!

Since I now have a ton of extra space, I decide to make my own little corner oasis. Ahhh, so peaceful! Like I said, I could seriously spend all day in here. I set up my vintage gold-dipped chair and my sisal rope basket full of Better Homes & Gardens for a bit of light reading. I even added a little candle and succulent to make it a little more homey πŸ™‚

master closet makeover
And no space is complete without a little bit of art and decor! I added a frame with a bunch of our wedding photos, an ‘S’ from Michaels that I spray-painted gold, and some cute little art cards that came in scrapbooking set from Target, that I hung with some gold sparkly tape. It’s a fun little gallery wall that makes this master closet truly feel like a complete part of my home.

And how about a few more fun ‘after’ photos and full-length shots, just for funsies and because I’m now literally obsessed with my closet. No joke, friends.

(^View from the chair out towards the master bedroom – separate post on our room to come!) Also check out how I organized that little overhang near the ceiling. I put all of my extra purses into one big bag and all of our summer clothes are in the tote. (Yes, all of our summer clothes fit in one tiny tote because we literally have like 3 weeks of summer here)

(^The little rug is my fave!)

(^View from our bed – you can see why it’s ugliness was bothering me so much before – it was constantly staring me in the face!) I also spy my DIY crate console table and my succulent planter, which is miraculously still alive!

Β And there you have it! My master closet makeover. My husband and I were surprised how quickly this project went. I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner! I only took a couple of hours, and that included demo, going to Lowe’s and putting everything together. And now I have my big-girl master closet that is ready for years of use and enjoyment. Score!

master closet makeover

master closet makeoverWhat do you think of my master closet makeover? What’s one thing would you have in your dream closet?


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