Life Lately: July 2017 Update

It’s Harry Potter’s birthday (Happy Birthday, HP!) and also time for my Life Lately July 2017 update. It’s felt like a verryyy long month, which is strange since most months usually fly by for me. Ah well! It’s been spent enjoying the sunshine, resting, and working on some exciting new opportunities and things. If you want to know what’s been up in my world this past month, take a look below and be sure to tell me what’s been going on with you!

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affiliate linksWhat I’m Reading:

I finished up the Red Rising Series, which includes Red RisingGolden Son, and Morning Star, as well as the first book in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series (all of which were good books!) I  also started up the first 3 books in the Star Wars series – I love the movies so I figured it was finally time to read the novelizations! I also bought Hamilton: The Revolution (60% off at Barnes and Noble!) and I can’t wait to dive into that.

What I’m Binge-Watching:

We are working our way through Season 2 of Broadchurch, and the latest season of Doctor Who. We finally finished The Office – it was so bittersweet to watch it end! And then we still watch New Girl when we are feeling in a lighter mood or finishing up Mad Men when we feel like hating characters for making dumb life choices in a stylish 1960s setting. We really should only try watching 1 or 2 shows at a time but we can’t seem to stop starting new ones!

What I’m Creating: 

I’ve taken up loom weaving to make wall hangings (you can see my first-ever weave on my Instagram account!) and let me just say, I’m in LOVE with weaving. I’ve been taking online courses from Hello Hydrangea and they are super informative and helpful! I definitely plan on learning a ton more and continuing my weaving practice! I can’t wait to get even better and learn new techniques 🙂

What I’m Needing: 

Again, a little vacay would be nice. We are in the midst of planning our Scotland/England trip for sometime in the fall, but it would also be nice to take a couple of short day trips this summer to just get out of the house and see some cool scenery. Hoping to get to Leavenworth, Deception Pass, and some others!

What I’m Listening To: 

Not been listening to a ton, other than the car radio (which is frequently set either to the classical station or the alternative folk/indie station). Really been loving Ed Sheeran (that ‘Shape of You’ song is so catchy, isn’t it??) and I seem to constantly have the Moana soundtrack in my head, even though I’ve only seen the movie twice. So good!

What I’m Dreaming About/Excited For: 

Dreaming about getting this house put together! I have lots of plans for redecorating/renovating this new house and I’m just itching to get started. Like it gives me minor anxiety to have everything so unfinished so I’m just going to try to focus on one room at a time. Also excited about some potential future plans/events/opportunities that I’ll hopefully be able to tell you about later!

What I’m Worried/Stressed About:

Even though it’s summer there is still lots to do and lots to deal with. I often feel like I can’t manage or handle it all, but that’s mostly because I have built-up expectations in my head of what’s to be done or how it all needs to go. I just need to chillax!

What I’m Learning:

To go along with my “What I’m Creating” segment above, I really have loved learning a new skill in weaving and picking up different techniques. It’s been really cool to try something new and watch a tapestry come together with only a few types of stitches I have learned.  I can’t wait to learn more!

What I’m Loving: 

Sunny days and sour candy. It’s been really nice all last week and it’s about to get even HOTTER for this next week (temps almost to the 100s, yo!) and it’s nice that it feels like summer. It doesn’t last too long in Seattle, so I try to enjoy what little we get! And yes, sour candies are life. Been loving those a ton too 🙂

What’s been going on in your life lately?



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