Large DIY Chalkboard Wall Art: Monthly DIY Challenge

Hello one and all! I’m so excited for another full year of awesome Monthly DIY Challenge projects! In case you’re new, here’s the dealio: on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, me and my amazingly talented blog friends and I create something based on a common theme and/or material. Sometimes we work with brands and sponsors, other times we don’t. Here are some of our recent challenge project materials: plumbing piecesair dry clayleatherMod PodgeSharpies, reclaimed wood and felt!! The first challenge of the year is chalkboard paint and I’m ever so pleased with how my project turned out 🙂

12 DIY Chalkboard Projects

Chalkboards are super popular right now, and have been for the last few years. They give off that perfect rustic charm, which is perfect for a number of design styles, including farmhouse (think Jojo and Chip from Fixer Upper) to industrial, Scandinavian, and more. If you know me, you know that I can never have enough wall art in my house, so I decided to make a large DIY chalkboard wall art piece to hang on the wall.

DIY Chalkboard Wall Art Materials

affiliate linksChalkboard Paint or Chalkboard Spray Paint

Paintbrush (if using liquid chalkboard paint)

– Piece of Board/Canvas

White Chalk

White Chalk Marker/Paint Pen

– A Design in Mind

Step 1

Large DIY Chalkboard Wall Art

Paint your board or piece of canvas with chalkboard paint by following the instructions on the can. If you are in a rush, spray chalkboard paint also works pretty well and drys in a snap! With either paint, you may need to 2 coats to ensure even coverage.

Step 2

Large DIY Chalkboard Wall Art

Once your chalkboard paint is dry, “season” it by rubbing a piece of white chalk on the long side over the entire board. Smooth it out by rubbing it in with your hand for an aged chalkboard look.

Step 3

Large DIY Chalkboard Wall Art

Sketch out your design idea (in this case I used a quote and some laurel leaf wreaths) using a piece of regular chalk. If you don’t feel comfortable freehanding, you can always print out your design, rub chalk onto the back of the paper, lay down on your board, and trace the design with a pencil. This will leave faint chalk lines for you to follow!

Step 4

Large DIY Chalkboard Wall Art

Fill in your design with a chalk paint pen or chalk marker. Let dry. then use your hand again and rub away any of the original chalk outline that may be left over. Simple as that!


I decided to hang up my DIY chalkboard wall art up with my gold binder/art clips from another previous Monthly DIY Challenge. I just LOVE how it turned out! 🙂

It’s the perfect piece to go in our front living room! We are actually getting ready to sell our house and I was looking for a wall art piece that would fit on that wall. Who knew I had the materials to make it sitting at home with me this whole time??

Large DIY Chalkboard Wall Art

It was a lot of fun practicing my hand-lettering. I know it’s not perfect, but it’s a start and I still think it turned out okay 🙂
Large DIY Chalkboard Wall Art

This DIY chalkboard wall art just fits in so well with the design style of my front room, which is sort of a modern Scandinavian look. I just love me some classic black and white!
Large DIY Chalkboard Wall Art
Large DIY Chalkboard Wall Art


Now that you’ve seen my DIY chalkboard wall art, it’s time to check out all the other inspiring chalkboard paint projects! Just click on a photo below to see what they did 🙂

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