How to Make Easy Scrap Fabric Flowers to Put On Just About Anything

I don’t know about you, but I have a little bitty eensy weensy teensy fabric hoarding problem. It’s hard for me to let go of scraps because I could maybe-possibly-sometime-in-the-distant-future use them one day! Anyone out there feel me? Good. Well I found a genius way to use up all those pretty fabric scraps – by making scrap fabric flowers!

Scrap Fabric Flowers

These flowers are SUPER easy and fun to make and can be done mindlessly while watching your latest Netflix obsession. And the great thing is is that there are so many uses for these adorable little gals! Hair clips, bag accessories, clothing embellishments and more – these pretty flowers are the perfect way to give those scraps new life!

Scrap Fabric Flowers Materials

Scrap Fabric Flowers

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Step 1

Scrap Fabric Flowers

Cut a long strip of scrap fabric that is anywhere from 1.5″ to 3″ wide. Don’t worry about wrinkles or frayed edges – that just adds to the charm!

Step 2

Scrap Fabric Flowers

Fold your strip of fabric in half hotdog style (so it’s still long like a hotdog bun, get it? 😀 ) and begin rolling one end around itself until you have a little coiled center. Add a dab of hot glue to hold the coil in place.

Step 3

Scrap Fabric Flowers

Begin folding your folded strip of fabric around your coiled center, varying how much fabric is seen and which way it is facing. Add little dabs of hot glue as you go to hold your ‘petals’ in place. The first few are the hardest, but it gets much easier after that, promise!

Step 4

Scrap Fabric Flowers

Continue to fold your folded fabric strip around your coiled center. The method I found that produces the most realistic rose-like petals is by taking the strip of fabric and folding it under itself (see photo above) to make a more triangle pointed shape.

Step 5

Scrap Fabric Flowers

Keep working, folding, and hot gluing until you reach the end of your strip of fabric! Place a final dab of glue underneath your flower and secure the end in place. If you want to make your flower larger, you can even glue another folded strip of fabric right where you left off and continue making petals! When finished, trim off any wisps of stray glue or loose threads.

And there you have it! Super easy peasy scrap fabric flowers!

Scrap Fabric Flowers

I had a lot of fabric scraps, so I might have gotten a little flower crazy and made a bunch!

Scrap Fabric Flowers

You can make them all sorts of sizes, colors, and textures. This is a great way to use up your stash!

Scrap Fabric Flowers

The great thing about these scrap fabric flowers is that you can put them on basically anything! One of my favorite things to do with them is make pretty hair clips. All you need are a couple of alligator hair clip blanks hot glued to the back!

Scrap Fabric Flowers

I love wearing big flowers as a statement piece for a fancy night out!

Scrap Fabric Flowers Scrap Fabric Flowers

You can also glue these flowers to basically anything else. They look great on tote bags, headbands, even shirts or dresses! Go flower power crazy!

Scrap Fabric Flowers

What’s your favorite way to use up your fabric scrap stash??




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