Home Office Makeovers Round Up!

home office makeovers

Hello everyone! It’s a beautiful, bright, sunny day where I am (and hopefully where you are, too!). One of the first things that my husband and I did to our house when we moved in back in November was to revamp the room that would become my home office and craft room. It had a psychedelic purple/yellow/orange/green paint palette, no furniture or character, and was just screaming for a home office makeover. I think if a space is drab, or worse yet, headache-inducing, then you won’t be able to work to your full potential, especially if that space is supposed to be an office or craft room. So Nate and I pulled out the paint brushes and drop cloths and went to work. You can see my nook room makeover here for what it looks like in it’s current state. It’s not done yet, but it’s a heckuva lot better than when we started!

Home offices and craft rooms are absolutely crucial to bloggers – we need our space to write, take photos, interact on social media and create, much like someone who works in an office building needs their own cubicle to take phone calls, answer emails, and work on projects. These spaces can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from carved out closets to grand multi-purpose rooms.

If you are someone who works from home and want to get inspired for your own space, or just enjoy great interior design, I’ve rounded up some great home office makeovers from fellow bloggers so you can get a feel of where we work and the amount of sweat that goes into making a gorgeous creating space! Click on each of the blogs below and get inspired 🙂

home office makeover

Two Twenty One

 Two Twenty One’s crafty space  has a bright and airy pink and blue theme that is feminine and classic. I love the idea of adding a desk section to an Ikea Expedit shelf! I would LOVE to craft in this room. I’m feeling inspired already!

home office makeovers

Studio Pebbles

 Studio Pebbles’ chic space features tons of fun tschotskes for a unique and collected vibe. She also has a fantastic chalkboard wall and killer curtains! Love how the desk overlooks the window and how her room features places to do multiple kinds of projects.

home office makeovers

Bower Power

 Bower Power’s office boasts a calming paint choice with fun color pops on furniture to keep it interesting! Love that green bookshelf and the deer head is adorable! Clean and simple is best in a work space – you don’t want to be overwhelmed when trying to get your ideas down!

home office makeovers

Perfectly Imperfect

Loving the use of space in Pefectly Imperfect’s writing room.  Rooms with slanted roofs can be tough, but she fills the space beautifully with a white credenza. I’m a huge fan of her little reading couch in the corner and the collection of items on the shelves.

home office makeovers

Create Bake Celebrate

Offices come in all shapes and sizes and I absolutely adore this closet office from Create Bake Celebrate.  Love the pops of yellow for visual interest and that sheepskin chair just looks too cozy! Her home office makeover is definitely inspiring for all those who have limited space!

home office makeovers

Home Coming

Fun patterns are featured in Home Coming’s office space.  I love the striped blanket and the crosses on the storage box. Add some texture in your own space through interesting and varied patterns. The pink/black/white color combo is strong and bold with a fun girly touch!

home office makeovers

How Sweet It Is

 How Sweet It Is has a gorgeous home office that features gold as a major accent! She mixes femine with bold through the airy chandelier, strong striped wall, and all the fun decor pieces. This is definitely something I would do in my own home. Love the floral pillow and the gold pouf!

home office makeovers

Jax Does Design

Jax Does Design turns a dark basement into an inspiring workspace! Her stenciled wall is super original and the light color scheme brightens up the room. I love that drafting board desk. It looks like a cozy and inviting area to spend the afternoon creating!

home office makeovers

Lil’ Luna

Yellow and black make a big impact in Lil’ Luna’s home office makeover! It’s important to have a place to put all of your ideas and Lil’ Luna does a fantastic job of keeping things organized with her corkboards and file holders. Her ‘Create’ sign at the top is so inspiring – I want to get into my own office and start crafting!

home office makeovers

Pink Postcard

Pink Postcard has created an absolutely adorable home office with a beachy travel vibe.  I’m IN LOVE with the map vintage map focal wall and the ombre curtains – they’re my favorite shade of blue. Her room features a bunch of fun details and an adorable picket fence photo board!

home office makeovers

Pitter and Glink

Pitter and Glink recently finished up a fantastic craft room makeover! She took a cluttered, drop-all room and transformed it into the perfect space to work on some craft projects. Her room features an adorable collection of items and to-die-for chicken wire lamp. Love the poppy teal and pink scheme and how each craft item has it’s own place!

home office makeovers

So Shay

So. I’m in love with So Shay’s home office makeover. Her gold chevron focus wall is SO. CHIC. I can’t even handle it. Her room also features a fantastic chalkboard wall and tons of adorable gold accents, not to mention her sweet puppy! I could definitely see doing something similar in my own house!

home office makeovers

The Love Nerds

The Love Nerds brings us a fantastic tutorial to grace the walls of your workspace! Her love of books and word art inspired her to create this beautiful letter gallery for the wall in her office. This detailed tutorial enables you to get the same great look quickly and easily! Absolutely love this.

home office makeovers

Thrifty Crafty Girl

Thrifty Crafty Girl brings us a desk transformation that is truly stunning! She sanded down and painted a wood veneer desk to bring us this beautiful work space! Way to go! I love the bright colors and patterns of the binders and paints! This truly is a fully functional craft and work space.

home office makeovers

Vintage Revival

I can’t get over how awesome Vintage Revival’s office makeover is! Like I literally can’t get over it. This space gives off a great mid century vibe with the wood tones and trapezoidal wall pattern. That ‘yay’ sign is just too hip and the collection on the shelves is cultured and chic. I love the pops of green that play off the natural wood!

home office makeovers

That Mommy Blog

That Mommy Blog brings us a fun and functional home office! Metal shelving adds and industrial touch and lots of storage space and that lamp is to die for. Love the unique orientation of the space and the fun details like the feather wreath and super sweet corkboard!

home office makeovers

The Painted Hive

Another small space turned functional is featured over at The Painted Hive. Her use of bookcases and and a table top instantly make a great computer nook  in a home without a dedicated home office. Her space feels very natural and earthy with the nature print art gallery and beautiful gold and green colors. My favorite is the owl in the gold frame!

home office makeovers

What Jen Learned

The key to a great workspace is to minimize clutter and maximize organization and functionality! What Jen Learned brings us a great home office makeover with a transformation from a dark and cluttered spare room into a useful and bright workspace! I love the pendant light fixture and arrangement of books on the shelf!

home office makeovers

Homey Oh My!

Homey Oh My!’s home office makeover has been getting a lot of attention – and I totally see why! It. Is. Absolutely. Gorgeous. Her striped accent wall is an innovative way to transform a rental wall and all of her decor pieces in blue, gold, black, white and pink just give me goosebumps. This space is perfectly curated and shows that you don’t need a lot of space for a big wow factor!

home office makeovers

Dwell Beautiful

Here at Dwell Beautiful, my home office makeover isn’t quite done – it’s a work in progress! There is lots more that I would love to do to this space, but I love the direction it’s headed! It’s my cozy reading nook, craft room, and office all in one 🙂

Which one is your favorite? What do you hope to do/have you done to your own home office or craft room? I’d love to hear from you!




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