Get the Look for Less: Restoration Hardware Bedroom

I love Restoration Hardware, and know that many of you out there do too. Who doesn’t love their perfect combination of rustic and industrial? It creates the perfect balance of warmth and style. There is one thing I don’t love about RH though – the price tag. Basically everything in their stores and online is wayyyy out of my tiny homemaker budget. So today, I decided to tackle a RH bedroom/closet/bathroom from their catalog and see if I could find similar looking pieces, but for less cash.

restoration hardware

Below is the magazine spread I was inspired by in Restoration Hardware’s catalog. I just love the elegant and sophisticated bedroom, the neutral colors, and the glam touches. A great bedroom/bathroom/closet combo if I ever saw one!

restoration hardware master bedroom

However, buying everything from Restoration Hardware would quickly deplete my bank account. No bueno! So I scoured the web for look alike versions that are a fraction of the price but have all the style and glam of the original RH pieces. Check out my look-alike finds below, click on the links to be taken to the copycat product and save some money!

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Restoration Hardware Bed Look Alike

restoration hardware bed

The bed was one of the easiest pieces to find with the biggest bang-for-your-buck savings. I found a virtually identical bed for about 1/4th of the cost!  The same tufted headboard, the same color, the same fabric wrap-around of the bottom portion of the bed, and very similar legs. Sleep tight and may you have dreams of all the things you can now be doing with the cash you saved! Side note: you’ll be seeing a lot of finds from today – they are a great website with daily deals on specific items and great deals overall. They carry a lot of designer style items and is advertised by HGTV; they are legit.

 Restoration Hardware Bedding Look Alikes

restoration hardware bedding

At RH, you have to buy the duvet and each pillow sham separately. The duvet costs $249.00 and each pillow sham costs $79.00 each. After some searching, I found this great bedding at It has beautiful hemstitching detailing along the edge of the duvet and pillow shams and you can get it in several different shades. The thread count is also higher than the RH bedding if you can believe it! The best part? You get the duvet, and two pillow shams for just $59.99. I bought my own bedding from and it’s been a dream – super quality product and I love the way my new bedding makes my room look!

 Restoration Hardware Bench Look Alike

restoration hardware bench

How do you like this? Another virtually identical find from! Same tufting on the top, same exact build and style, right down to the wooden legs. These benches are great for storing blankets and look great at the end of any bed as a place to put on shoes in the morning! Added bonus: the one from comes with free two-day shipping!

 Restoration Hardware Lamp Look Alikes

restoration hardware lamp

Take note: the prices in the picture above is for the lamp base alone. So if you want the whole kit and caboodle, the lampshade pictured from Restoration Hardware is $74 a pop. So if you are getting two lamps and two shades, one for each nightstand, RH will set you back $1,058 plus tax. will cost only about $250 for the lamp bases and comparable shades can be found at Target for a mere 15 bucks each.

 Restoration Hardware Nightstand Look Alikes

restoration hardware nightstand

The nightstands were a bit trickier to find as they have such a distinct and unique style and set of features. After copious amounts of searching, this nightstand from more than fits the bill. It features similar curvy elements for drama and flair and has the round pull rings for handles. Too make this look even more like RH’s version, spray paint the pulls black and take out the bottom drawers and you’ll have a fairly good copycat at half the price!

 Restoration Hardware Key Art Look Alikes

restoration hardware wall art

I love the look of antique skeleton keys – they remind me of The Secret Garden and big English houses. However, I don’t love that Restoration Hardware wants $99 EACH for one framed key. If you buy 6, as is pictured in the catalog above, that’s $594 before tax! Yikes! The much more cost effective option I found was to go through There is a seller on Etsy called PeavyPieces who makes these delightful look-alikes for $40 each.  The best part? You are supporting an artist vs. a big-box company. Etsy artists are very passionate and good at what they do and I think it’s fantastic to support them and other small businesses whenever possible. Another great thing? Lots of Etsy artists are willing to customize their pieces to fit your needs. Love GoreStudio’s keys but want a more neutral background instead of the stripes? I’m sure they’d be more than willing to accommodate!

 Restoration Hardware Dresser Look Alike

restoration hardware dresser

As with the nightstands, this style of dresser is hard to replicate. The closest thing I found was the matching dresser to the nightstands found on Both feature curvy design elements and pull ring handles. Spray paint the handles black for more of a look-a-like feel! Added bonus: more storage! This dresser has a ton more drawers to fit all of your clothing needs. Let’s be real, who of us can fit all of their clothes into three tiny drawers? Not me, that’s for sure.

 Restoration Hardware Poster Look Alike

restoration hardware artwork poster

Cool old crests are a unique way to add character and voice to any space. If your family has a crest, it can even add a great personal touch to your home and provides a great conversation starter. If you don’t have a family crest (or don’t know what it is), other crests are still wonderful pieces to add to your home. The copycat I found on is a mere fraction of the cost and also has some cool antique colors and styling to bring more of a pop of impact. If you look closely, you’ll notice that both crest posters feature a dragon and a lion, crown, and other fancy script elements!

 Restoration Hardware Mirror Look Alike

restoration hardware mirror

Wayfair comes to save the day yet again! The mirror from RH is absolutely breathtaking – both in the fact that it is beautiful and the fact that it costs over 2 grand. Whoa! I wanted to find a similar shape and detailing to keep the beauty of the mirror in the room, and found a very close version of it on (forgive the blurry picture.) It features the same elongated rectangle shape, with beautiful side and top detailing and will add a touch of royalty to your space.

 Restoration Hardware Sink Look Alike

restoration hardware sink

I loved the look of the exposed sink in the Restoration Hardware catalog but knew I would never be able to afford to put one in my house. That would be several paychecks for me to buy this. I looked to our trusty neighborhood home improvement store and found a very similar version for half the cost. I adore the look of the metal legs, the old-fashioned knobs that mimic the original and I love that there is the added bonus of a storage rack underneath. Great for a basket full of towels for guests!

Restoration Hardware Chair Look Alike

restoration hardware chair

I’m just going to come out and say it, I love these chairs. They exude elegance, refinement, and sophistication. This is the perfect chair to have in your boudoir as it provides a comfy place to sit, either while getting ready or as a nice spot to read a magazine.  I learned that this style of chair is called a “bergère” and originated in France during the Regency period. Talk about a lovely Jane Austen-esque, romantic addition to your bedroom! My copycat version features the same rustic wood frame, rounded top, high sides, and oatmeal linen upholstery. Add a little throw pillow and you’ve got a lovely replica of Restoration Hardware’s pricier version!

Now it’s time to add it up.

If you bought all of the versions from Restoration Hardware you would spend a whopping $13,859.00 BEFORE tax! Ouch. It hurts to even think about spending that much money! I love you, RH, but I don’t think the relationship between you and my wallet will work out.

However, if you bought all of my look-a-like versions, it would only cost you $4,530.37 before tax!

That’s a 67% savings of $9,329.00!

Don’t be overwhelmed by the price tags of the more high-end stores like Restoration Hardware – it is absolutely possible for you to get the same look for less! With a little bit of time and research, you can save yourself thousands of dollars and end up with a beautiful home right out of the catalog. As always, maximize savings by buying pieces over time instead of all at once and by looking for similar pieces at thrift stores and garage sales!

What’s your favorite look alike find from this post?





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