Geometric Fox Art

You guys. I’m in love. I finally got to play with my new Silhouette Cameo(!!!) that my hubby got me for Christmas! My poor machine was sitting in the box for weeks because we went on vacation and then I needed to buy a desk big enough to fit it! Once I got it out of the box and running this past weekend, I tested it out and made this little ditty:

fox art

And after that I was HOOKED. Oh my goodness. Amazing. So I decided to try another project on a slightly larger scale and that required a bit more technical skill. I really adore geometric art and foxes, so I thought, why not combine the two into some awesome geometric fox art??

What You Need for Geometric Fox Wall Art:

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– Digital image that you can trace

Silhouette Cameo or Cricut


Transfer paper

– Something to stick your vinyl on (like canvas, board, or paper)

– Tools like a craft knife and a bone folder for lifting up edges and smoothing

To start my project, I found a cool geometric fox outline online and altered it in Photoshop to it looked like I wanted it to. I wanted my Silhouette to cut out my lines, but knew that it wouldn’t be able to read my PSD image, so I found this awesome video tutorial:

I followed the instructions to make a trace of my image that my Cameo would recognize – it actually wasn’t that hard at all! I was so intent on making everything work that I didn’t take any screenshots of what I was doing in my Silhouette software. Sorry! Once I had my Cameo cut my image I was left with this:

fox art

It still blows my mind that a machine can do this! Though I have to say, the sound of the Silhouette working sounds like a dial-up internet connection that is dying a slow and painful death. But hey, it works, and I’m not complaining!

Now for the time consuming part – getting the image off your vinyl roll and onto your canvas. I don’t have any transfer paper, so I wasn’t able to easily just transfer my design. So, instead I went the tedious route of peeling and sticking things on the canvas. I realized that I could use both the negative and positive spaces to make two pieces of art (two for the price of one? I’ll take it!) So I started by removing the big black pieces and placing them on my canvas in the shape of the fox. Once that was done I transferred the outline (which was one big connected piece) and put it on a different piece of canvas. The most difficult parts was trying to get the negative space pieces exactly right since they weren’t all connected, like the outline was.

Also, I found out that Silhouette vinyl doesn’t stick extremely well to canvas. It sticks and will stay put, but it’s also extremely repositionable, which is both a blessing and a curse! I’m sure it would stick much better to paper that you could frame, but I already had the canvases on hand and wanted to use them! To get vinyl to stick better to canvas, paint it first.

After picking and positioning both my foxes, here’s the end result – beautiful geometric fox art!

fox art

{I’m calling them Salt and Pepper 🙂 }

I think these two might end up in our office once we repaint and remove the baby blue boat wallpaper, but for now I tried them out in a few spaces in our master bedroom.

fox art

fox art

I really like how they look side by side and I think I’ll keep them as a pair once I find them a permanent spot! I really love how they look on the wall but also tried them out on our dresser.

fox art

fox art

fox art

Where do you think they look best? I think I like how they look on a wall, but feel like the dresser would be a fun spot too if the dresser was painted a different color so they popped more. Wherever they end up, nothing will change how in love with them I am. These geometric fox art pieces feel like something that you would buy at the store and it’s totally crazy that I was able to make them myself!

fox art

Do you have a Silhouette or Cricut machine? What should I make next? I’m itching to try more projects!!





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