Farmhouse Decorating Ideas: How to Get the Look

Good morning friends! I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend/week thus far! It’s been really thunderstormy/muggy in my state lately, which usually NEVER happens, so I’m looking forward to some drier and less… electric days ahead. Hubby and I are hoping to spend some time clearing out our backyard so we can lay some new grass and add a garden bed by the end of the summer. I can’t wait to plant my own vegetables next spring/summer! Today I’m bringing you a design exploration of the farmhouse trend and I’m excited to show you how you can use it in your home!


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The farmhouse style is extremely versatile and can be played in a number of ways. Use chippy finishes, hand me downs, and homey quilts for a rustic look, add a crystal chandelier, rich colors, and touch of sparkle for rustic glam, try pretty florals, bright bold colors, and quirky accents for a fun finish, and use metals and rich wood tones if you are going for a rustic industrial style. Anyway you play it, the farmhouse trend is a sure winner with it’s cozy and comforting vibes and easy-going nature.

Take a look at my inspiration boards below and get some tips on how to add a beautiful farmhouse touch to each room in your home!

Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse bedrooms are totally sweet, soothing, and have old-world charm. I love the homey and cozy vibe this style bedroom gives off! Beadboard is really common to have in farmhouse-style homes and putting some along the walls in the bedroom will really take it up a notch. Three of the most common ways that the farmhouse can go are rustic, glam, and industrial – and any way you style it is totally fabulous.

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For a rustic look: Add chippy painted furniture and a handmade quilt to the foot of your bed.

For a glam look: Throw in some glitzy accents like a chandelier and crystal knobs to your dresser!

For an industrial look: Use and iron metal bedframe, Edison style lightbulbs, and MCM bedside tables.

Farmhouse Bathroom

Farmhouse bathrooms always look, to me, like the perfect place to relax and unwind after a hard day of work. Clawfoot tubs are a common feature in these types of powder rooms, as are large sinks – perfect for washing off the grease and grime of the day! The bathroom is a perfect place to start if you want to add a little bit of farmhouse style to your home without committing to the cost and look of a bigger room.

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For a rustic look: Put in some beadboard or a plank wall and add an apron front sink!

For a glam look: Paint a wall a fun color like a punchy coral or mint and add metallic accents!

For an industrial look: Add subway tiles and install industrial sink and shower/tub fixtures.

Farmhouse Kitchen

I do love me a farmhouse kitchen. Mmm, mmm, mmm, I do. Yes, I do. Farmhouse kitchens are usually large and open, with lots of space for prepping food and shelves and cabinets for all your dishware. A butcher block island adds great visual interest while open shelving keeps things airy and light.

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For a rustic look: Use warm and rough woods for tables and barstools, and put up some vintage kitchen plaques!

For a glam look: If you have the funds, add chic marble countertops and paint cabinets white with pretty hardware.

For an industrial look: Install industrial lighting pendants over your island and incorporate iron piping into things like shelf brackets and utensil hangers.

Farmhouse Living Room

Farmhouse living rooms are extremely versatile and work well with all sorts of little detail touches. Part of the farmhouse trend is to have a very collected, curated look. This can be achieved by acquiring interesting pieces over time from thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets. Look for unique pieces that fit your particular farmhouse style to contribute to your space.

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For a rustic look: Incorporate different pieces of vintage furniture for an old-world, collected look, and add faux exposed beams to make things cozy!

For a glam look: Use rich colors like navy blues or deep grays for a luxurious feel. Add in polished decor pieces, and some glam lamps.

For an industrial look: Add some medium-toned wood furniture, industrial Edison-style lighting, and a neutral geometric patterned rug for a modern look.

What do you think of the Farmhouse trend? Love it/hate it? Classic or tired?





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