Easy and Pretty DIY Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

Anyone else here actually like wrapping gifts?! Is it weird that I actually really enjoy it?? I get a lot of pleasure from wrapping up a gift just right and decorating it with little extra bits and bobs. Want to add extra class to your holiday presents this year? I’m giving you some easy and pretty DIY Christmas gift wrap ideas so you too can jazz up your gifts and make them sparkle. Forget the gift bags or newspaper – make your presents extra-special with these easy-to-do ideas.

DIY Christmas gift wrap ideas

Put your creativity to work and give out pretty presents this year! Not only will your friends and family be impressed, but it’s actually quite fun to put them together! Follow along below for some great DIY Christmas gift wrap ideas 🙂

DIY Christmas Gift Wrap Materials

DIY Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

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This is pretty open ended – just gather as many fun and different materials as you can! The dollar spot at Target and basically all of Michaels are the perfect places to find holiday accessories. Head to your nearest store and look for:

Wrapping paper with cool patterns

Chalkboard gift tags


Mini ornaments

Glittery ribbon

Jingle bells

Mini wreaths, trees, or figurines

Fun with Ribbons

DIY Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

Ribbon may be usual go-to when it comes to wrapping holiday gifts, but that doesn’t mean it has to be ho-hum! Look for alternatives to plain ribbon by going for metallics or sparkly fabric types! You don’t have to just tie simple bows either. Using a little hot glue or tape, wrap ribbons in different patterns and lengths around your gifts and experiment with using 2 or 3 different kinds of ribbon on one gift!

Stamp it Up

DIY Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

If you don’t have a lot of time or supplies, you can go a simple, yet classy rout by stamping a festive Christmas message on a plain cardboard gift box. You can use everyday stamps or Christmas-specific ones. You could even make your own wrapping paper by stamping a pattern onto some butcher paper! Try different colored or glittered inks or even heat embossing for an extra-special touch!

Custom Gift Tags Say it All

DIY Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

Tired of using the same boring gift stickers year after year? Put in a little extra effort and make custom tags to tie to your presents. I picked up a set of 8 chalkboard gift tags and then wrote and doodled on them with a white paint pen. Phrases you could use: Noel, Merry, Joy, Peace, Love, Merry & Bright, Season’s Greetings, or anything Christmasy you can think of!

Mini Ornaments & Jingle Bells

DIY Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

DIY Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

Adding unique ornaments and 3D decoration elements are a fun way to make your presents pop. Jingle bells are festive and great for kids so they can shake them! Mini ornaments like wreathes, snowflakes, and angels are also great additions because they add a pretty visual effect and, as an added bonus, the receiver can keep them and hang them on their tree for years to come.

DIY Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

One last DIY Christmas gift wrap tip I have is try to wrap as many things individually as you can, instead of lumping them together. This way beneath your tree looks more full and your gift receiver has more presents to open! That’s a win-win situation. Happy holidays and happy gift-wrapping!

How do you like to wrap your Christmas gifts?



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