DIY Mini Wood Slice Trivet

Have you ever bought something at the craft store just because it was awesome or adorable or on sale? *raises hand sheepishly* I know I have… several times. On several different occasions.

I picked up some mini wood slices at Michaels several months ago because they were adorable (mini things are just too adorable!) and they sat and sat and sat in my craft room. I didn’t know what to do with them! Then I got a stroke of genius – make a wood slice trivet for displaying one of my potted (fake) plants. This is the easiest craft on the planet. Like seriously the easiest. Ever.  Let’s get started!

Mini Wood Slice Trivet Materials

diy mini wood slice trivet

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Step 1

diy mini wood slice trivet

Dump your wood slices out of the bag and begin to arrange them in a circular pattern. Make sure that the edges of all the slices touch – this is how they’ll be connected so you want to make sure that each mini wood slice touches at least 2 other slices to stay stable!

Step 2

diy mini wood slice trivet

Once you are satisfied with your wood slice placement, begin gluing them together from the center out using your hot glue gun. It’s really easy! Make concentric circles until your run out of wood slices.

Et voila! Easy peasy.

diy mini wood slice trivet

This little wood slice trivet is perfect to put under a bowl or planter – it’s the perfect amount of natural charm to any vignette!

diy mini wood slice trivet

diy mini wood slice trivet

diy mini wood slice trivet

diy mini wood slice trivet

I love how natural this looks – it’s the perfect amount of texture and visual interest to spice up my little potted plant! Looks custom and expensive, but it couldn’t be cheaper or easier. It would also be fun to use these little mini wood slices to make coasters or placemats. So easy and so pretty!

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mini wood slice trivet

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