DIY Glitter Vase Craft Tutorial

glitter vase craft

Afternoon, all! Man, did I have the busiest of weekends! Friday night I photographed a wedding at a location that was an hour away from my home (getting home around 10:30pm), Saturday photographed a wedding all day from 9:00am – 8:30pm, and Sunday I worked my good ol’ shift at the library until about 8:30pm. Work, work, work! Doing wedding photography is what supplies the funding for my blog, so I’m definitely grateful to the photographers who hire me as their second and to all the lovely couples that are getting married – you guys are helping make my blog dream come true! Can’t deny it was a busy weekend though – I’m still dead tired!

Long work weekends leave me feeling a bit drained, but something that always helps is a nice glass of wine and a plate of fine cheeses with my hubby. I collect wine corks and have been wondering what to do with them for a while – they’ve just been collecting dust in a drawer! I decided having them in some sort of glass container would be a fun way to display some of my collection, which is the inspiration behind this tutorial! Let’s get the ball (or corks – a little drinking and crafting never hurt anyone… right?) rolling 🙂

Glitter Vase Craft Materials

glitter vase craft

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Glass Vase (I got mine at the dollar store!)

Masking Tape

Spray Paint in the the color of your choice

Glitter in the color of your choice

I decided to do gold spray paint with gold glitter because I’m absolutely obsessed with all things glittery gold at the moment! It helps to have coordinating spray and glitter so in case the glitter doesn’t fully cover you won’t be able to tell the difference. Of course, it might be fun to do differing colors for a fun effect!

Step 1

glitter vase craft

Take your masking tape and carefully tape even lines around your glass. Vary the height of the lines for visual interest. You don’t have to do lines if you don’t want to – feel free to mix it up by putting polka dots, triangles, zig-zags, you name it! Just keep in mind that whatever the tape is covering will be clear glass!

Step 2

glitter vase craft

Put foil around anything you don’t want getting spray painted – this is a trick I learned from Delineate Your Dwelling! Foil molds easily around pieces and is a bit cleaner to work with than newspaper. I reinforced the foil seal by adding another piece of masking tape.

Steps 3-4

glitter vase craft

Now, taking a picture of these two steps is tricky, a.) because I only have two hands and b.) because the spray paint dries quickly. Take your spray paint and give quick sweeping motions to cover the piece, immediately sprinkle glitter over the wet spray paint, making sure you cover as much of the paint as possible. Use a piece of paper to catch extra glitter so you can put it back in the container to use again later!

Peel off the tape once everything is dry

Et Voila!

glitter vase craft

This super easy glitter vase craft only took me maybe 10 minutes tops from start to finish. The spray paint/glitter combo was dry within minutes and ready to be brought inside!

glitter vase tutorial

I love how crisp the lines are and how the glitter sparkles in the sun! Le sigh, my heart beats for all things glittery gold!

I threw in some of my more interesting and special wine corks and set her up in a little corner on my tea/coffee/wine bar.

glitter vase craft

glitter vase craft

glitter vase craft

glitter vase craft

What would you put in your glitter vase? I think another great option would be to add some glass beads in the bottom and stick your make-up brushes in it!






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