Design Trend: Stylish Rose Gold Home Decor and Accessories

Rose Gold is one of the hot new metallic colors that is sweeping the interior design and fashion worlds. First came silver, then came gold, after that copper and brass, and now rose gold. It’s a beautiful and rich warm hue that’s close to copper but with a bit more yellow to it. And it’s definitely one of my new favorite colors.

Stylish Rose Gold Home Decor and Accessories

Rose gold is a great choice when it comes to home decor because of it’s warmth and unexpected color that still blends well with a variety of other hues and design styles. It can be soft, bold, sparkly, matte, or have a metallic sheen. When using this color in your home, use it sparingly, as an accent color, to keep it from seeming overwhelming. The best pieces of furniture that come in rose gold are coffee and side tables, various lighting fixtures, and even bedframes. It is also the perfect color for accessories like kitchenware, throw pillows and other textiles, and small items like planters, frames, and figurines.

When it comes to fashion – look for delicate rings, bracelets, necklaces with this rosey hue for some instant bling an sparkle. It’s also a great color for bags, shoes, and even sequined cocktail dresses! A little rose gold on your outfit will make your whole outlook rosey!

Take a look below to check out some of my fave hot rose gold home decor pieces, furniture, and fashion accessories. If you’re interested in one of the products, simply click the picture to learn more! *affiliate links included

My Fave Rose Gold Home Decor, Furniture, and Fashion Accessories

Loving what you’re seeing as much as I do? Then throw caution to the wind and add a little bit of rose gold to your home life and closet – you’ll be glad you did! 😉

Do you love rose gold or prefer a different metallic?




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