Current Trend: Pop of Color in the Kitchen

I know, all white kitchens are all the rage, and I’ll admit it, I just love a crisp white clean kitchen! There’s something that’s just so refreshing about clean white countertops and fresh white cabinets. MmmmMMm. Seriously so good. But a trend that’s been a bit under the radar recently is having pops of color in your kitchen. I’m not talking about making your kitchen a rainbow unicorn poo art display, but rather adding tasteful splashes of your favorite color to enliven the space and make it truly your own.

pop of color in the kitchen

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There are lots of ways to add a pop of color in the kitchen. You can paint your cabinets a bold hue, use colorful tile as a fun backdrop, add home decor pieces in your favorite shade, or even invest in appliances that are your go-to color. The end result is a gorgeous space that reflects your personality and can tie in with the other rooms in your home. Check out my tips below for getting the look!

Colorful Kitchen Cabinets

Green Cabinets // Blue Cabinets

Colorful cabinets are a bold way to inject your favorite hue into your space. From dark and moody blue, to poppy pink, to vibrant kelly green, painting your cabinets is a great way to lift your mood and really make a big impact. Painted cabinets generally go best with white walls and minimal upper cabinets (you can opt for open shelving if you need the storage space!) to keep from overwhelming your senses. To get the look, you can either have your cabinets professionally refinished or replaced if you have the cash, or if you are on a budget, you can get the same great look from chalk paint and sealer.

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Bright Colorful Tile

Aqua Tile // Yellow Tile

If painted cabinets are a little too much to commit to, but you still want to show off your favorite color in a permanent way, consider using pretty hued tiles in your backsplash. You can pop your existing tile by adding a thin strip of colored tiles to an otherwise white subway wall or you can go big and change up your entire backsplash. Glass tiles are a great choice because you can get really vibrant colors that also have a transparent top layer that provides both depth and visual interest.

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Poppy Home Decor

Colorful Bowls // Bright Rug

If you’re like me and your favorite color changes often, don’t get boxed in by doing something permanent like cabinets or tile. You can get the same amount of pop by throwing in home decor accent pieces. By utilizing a bright rug, special dishes, stools, artwork or even window treatments, you can change up the look whenever inspiration strikes without breaking the bank! Stack like-colored items on a shelf for an ombre-style art display or change up your color palette based on the holidays. The possibilities are truly endless!

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Bold Appliances

Mint Fridge // Red Stove

If you reallllllly love a certain color and are pretty sure that you’ll never ever change your mind, you can consider buying a specially colored appliance. Colored appliances are such a fun and unexpected pop of color and are sure to be the conversation piece at all your dinner parties! You can specially order appliances in fun colors like cherry red or mint green (*swoon!*) or in some cases you can get appliances you already own powder-coated in a new hue at an automotive or restoration shop.

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Adding a pop of color to your kitchen is a great way to show off your personality and give your space a much-needed boost that will have you smiling every time you walk in the door! No matter what color you choose or how you decide to implement it, by injecting your space with some pretty hues you are guaranteed to up the ‘wow’ factor in your home and go from ‘builder basic’ to bright and beautiful!

What’s your favorite color? Would you add that color to your kitchen? How?





  • I have white cabinets & appliances and neutral floors & backsplash but my kitchen is definitely colourful. I use many different colours as accents to add personality. Thrifted coloured glass is my favourite right now. I also love a couple of interesting (and colourful) pieces of art in the kitchen, even hung on the tiled backsplash.

    • Erica Sooter says:

      Love it, Marci! I’m in the midst of redoing my kitchen and plan on having neutral main elements but then class it up with color! Thrifted colored glass sounds absolutely GOREGOUS. I’ll have to be on the lookout for some cool pieces like yours! 🙂

  • I love me a clean, white kitchen too, but sometimes you just need a little color!

  • I dream of a mostly white kitchen with wood tones and a bold tile backsplash or floor! I think bold tile is my absolute favorite thing in a kitchen 🙂 But that colored Smeg?? Definitely in my dreams too!

    • Erica Sooter says:

      Me too, Em! My dream is a lovely neutral kitchen with gorgeous wood tones! Le sigh! 🙂 But I do love adding pops of color, especially my signature aqua 🙂 Bold tile backsplashes are totally gorgeous and I want one! #futurehousegoals

  • Laurie says:

    I do love the looks of bold cupboards and such, but I am afraid it would be hard on resale value down the road or I would get bored of it and have to repaint it. I tend to like all wood tones for cabinets and stick with little pops of color through the kitchen with fun tile or accessories.

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