Color Trend: Aqua Home Decor

Happy Hump Day! I hope all of you are doing well out there in blogland. It’s another busy week for the Sooter household – working lots of jobs this week and still trying to recover from my sister’s wedding! We will hopefully be heading out to a friend’s cabin out in Port Townsend, which will be some much needed R&R! Being by the water gives me the most calming feeling on the planet. The cool breeze, the soft lap of the waves on the dock, ahhh perfection.

aqua home decor

affiliate linksWater is also an inspiration for one of my fave colors of all time – aqua! I love aqua so much that my dishes and pots and pans are aqua, my laptop cover is aqua, and I used it as my main wedding color! I may have a *small* obsession.

aqua home decor

{Yes, we are awesome jumpers}

Anyway, aqua has become a hot color for home decor, fashion, and so much more over the past few years. And rightly so! It’s bold, refreshing, and just the right balance of quirky and classy. This hue can lean more towards a minty green or a turquoise blue, but no matter the exact color, aqua is hot. Aqua home decor can be dressed up or dressed down, made sophisticated or pulled into a playful mood. I’m here to show you how to get gorgeous aqua into your home in small easy ways and in big bold ways, depending on if you want to “try it” and just want to start with a little accent, “like it” and are ready to up the ante or “love it” and want to incorporate the color into your home in a big way.

Aqua Kitchen

Aqua home decor in the kitchen is a great way bring some fun and pop into your cooking and eating space. It’s crisp, clean, and oh so delicious!

Try It: Add a few decor accents like framed prints, bowls, or canisters to see if you like it!

Like It: Get some fun barstools or kitchen chairs or try painting a small accent wall.

Love It: Paint your kitchen cabinets or install some gorgeous aqua subway tile as a backsplash! Drool.

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Aqua Living Room

Bringing aqua home decor into your living room makes for a posh and sophisticated statement. Glam it up with some golds, blacks, and whites, or make it more fun by throwing in some orange, red, or fuchsia. Aqua also looks great when played up against a brick wall or airy white curtains!

Try It: Add a couple throw pillows, a throw, or a fun aqua lamp for a subtle statement piece.

Like It: Bring in an aqua TV console or bookshelf, or paint an accent wall!

Love It: Paint all the walls or invest in an aqua couch or large area rug for ultimate pop!

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Aqua Bedroom

Aqua home decor in the bedroom can be played as coastal, cool, and calming when paired with other beachy tones like khaki, cream, and other blues, or more modern and fun with black and white stripes, and metallic or industrial accents. Either way you roll the dice, aqua in the bedroom is a sure winner! You’ll love walking into your bedroom when it features this hue.

Try It: A cute pillow or two, a throw or a sweet lamp would do the trick to get a taste!

Like It: Get some aqua bedding, curtains, or paint a side table in this bold hue.

Love It: Invest in a large accent rug, paint the walls, or get an aqua bed frame or dresser!

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Aqua Bathroom

A great way to make a small bathroom seem bigger is to add a pop of aqua to the space. This light and bright color will bring airyness to the powder room, giving it the illusion of being larger than it actually is. Like anywhere in the home, add beachy colors if you want a coastal vibe, and brighter, more unconventional colors for some hip quirk.Β  That striped wall at the top is one of my favorites!

Try It: Think small by adding some new hand towels or a soap dispenser and toothbrush holder for a dabble of this beautiful blue.

Like It: Try a new fun shower curtain with a bold print or paint an accent wall!

Love It: Put in some gorgeous new tile, an aqua claw foot tub, or coat the room in aqua from head to toe like the House Beautiful photo above!

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I hope you all have now acquired my obsession for aqua and that you all try a little bit of it in your home design! To me, this shade will never get old, and I plan on using it in my home and wardrobe for years to come.

What’s your favorite way to use aqua in your home design? Do you have a fave color that you use for everything like me??






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